Welcome 吐 Taiwan : Day 1~

Yep finally the update, slowly. LOL!
please really pardon me for the ultimate slow update on my trip.
Imma compile all the places and some helpful information so it takes some time. T^T
Many many many thanks to Nik for all the lovely pictures and thank you so much for letting me use them on my blog! ♥
*important note* Photos here are taken either by me using my iphone (failed) or Nik Yan. Please ask for permission before using them TYVM!

anyway, here goes:

30th September 2011
Fri morning, waking up a few times as my nephew keep making noise in the middle of the night. Tsk tsk.
But I still managed to sleep alot without getting excited as it rained in the morning. Oh yeah, COOLING!

Yep so headed to get breakfast with bro, and we chose to have tuna and bread. ERHEM.
Then I rot before I finally go prepare and get out to meet the rest.
Bro helped me to carry my luggage and we wait for cab. BUT KNN NO CAB AT ALL.
It oso took me 15mins to call the cab. Urgh pek chek much.

camwhoring and also my 3 mascots from Gintama~♥

But I’m glad I wasn’t the last one to reach. Hahahaha!
So we rot at the Mac before proceeding to check in~
some camwhoring while queuing~

best part is when we check in to the boarding hall, uncle vin forgot that he had his toiletries in his handcarry. So all these were thrown away since they are not allowed. GG-much.

Then we went in, TO ROT AGAIN. LOLOL!
I headed to get chocolate and drink as I was hungry.
The rest went off so I’m with Nik.
and yes Nik, there he goes again with his camera while I use my phone. LOL!

and then, I got bored and decided to pose for him:

HAHAHA! and then we camwhored:

LOOK AT HIS MOE FACE OMFG SO MOE PLS. his hand is there to block the sunlight but uh it turned out that he became even more moe. PFFFFT-

a pic with my laopo christy when she is back to us:

Right following more rotting and finally, we get to board the plane! XD
so some camwhore (again) at the boarding gate:

and some (again) while going to queue to board the plane:

then some (walau still have) while going to board the plane:

and some (没完没了pls) in the plane:

ok so it is goodbye to SG for now…

during the flight it was awesome as I really loved looking at the clouds and sky. Pretty pls.
The only problem is, the window is misty. Damn.

the last pic, we arrived Taiwan and it is raining. FFFFFF-

Anyway, there we go, TAIWAN!!!!

arrived, struggled our way out and also, managed to find 台湾大哥大 to get the sim card for calling and 3G in Taiwan. 8D

Question: I need mobile service and data roaming in Taiwan! How do I buy the sim card?
Recommended Tel co, Taiwan Da Ge Da 台湾大哥大.
Standard mobile line at NT$500, you may choose to spend NT$350 for 5 days of unlimited data roaming and the rest of the values for calling. Of course, if you don’t need so many days of data roaming, you may choose to get just 1 day or 3 days. Price will be different.
Top up available for more values to data roaming or calling.
Applies for both standard sim card and micro sim card so no problem for iphone4 users. (Y)

We also went to apply this youth card to enjoy discount for various places such as Taipei 101. And it is free when u apply. So why not? <–Aunty

Question: How do I apply for the Youth Travel Card?
you just needa present your passport and fill up a form at the Tourist Service Counter.
The Youth Card is applicable for people age 15 to 30 years old.
They will also give u a booklet that tells you where are the places you can get discount with this card!

anyway on the way we stopped by this place to get drinks.
then we saw this free water cooler place.
check out the paper ‘cup’. LOL!

so we headed to the bus station to check the buses~

We took the Kuo Kuang bus 國光號 to Taipei Main Station 台北車站.

Question: How do I go to Taipei Main Station from Taiwan Taoyuan Intl Airport?
Buy ticket from the Kuo Kuang Courier at the Express Buses Station, NT$125.
You needa walk a distance so ask for directions if needed! :D
– Keep your ticket until you get off the bus.
– Avoid taking the bus between 7am to 9.30am and 5pm to 7pm, traffic is frustratingly slow.

in the bus~


so we arrived at Taipei Main Station, we struggled our way through to get to the MRT station aka Metro Taipei 台北捷運 since there are many diff type of trains too! (different entrance yo so do look out!)

We stopped by Cosmed 康是美 as Vin gotta buy his stuffs that has been thrown away at the check in. LOL!
meanwhile, me and juju camwhored. 8D

Anyway we headed to the information counter and bought the EasyCard aka the Ez-link card in Taiwan.

well this is optional but I just thought it makes our life easier since you don’t have to get the token everytime u wished to take the MRT. Plus, you can be refunded if u return the card. so why not? hurrr-

Question: Where do I get the EasyCard?
You can purchase the EasyCard at Information Counter in all Taipei Metro stations.
Adult and Student card cost NT$500. They consist of a NT$400 disposable amount and a NT$100 deposit. Value can be added to the EasyCard at Value-adding machines located at all Taipei Metro stations, Information Counter at all Taipei Metro stations and some convenience stores (7-ELEVEN, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK).
Official Page: http://www.easycard.com.tw/

Ok card bought, here we go to Ximen station!
we took the Nangang-Banqiao-Tucheng Line aka the BLUE line to Ximen Station 西門 as our hostel is there.
Click here to download the MRT route map in higher res! http://web.trtc.com.tw/img/all/web2011big.jpg

The first thing when we got out of the exit, we are lost. LOL!
so we asked around for directions, walked around with our luggage for about 15mins before we finally see hope. HAHAHA!
yes, we didn’t know we went the longer way PFFFFT-
but thanks to the Taiwanese who are all so helpful, we managed to arrive at our hostel!

The place is comfortable and cheap.
If you don’t mind sharing toilets with other people, I will definitely recommend this place.
The ladyboss is nice, place is clean and comfy. (think it was less than $200SGD for 9 nights. CHEAP RIGHT?)
Although it is abit ulu, but once you learn how to walk to Ximending, it only takes you 5 mins. (Y)

Here are the information:
Taipei Ximen Zebra Inn Hostel
(Taipei Ximen Zebra Apartment, 13 Lane 29 Xi-Chang Street Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan)
Phone: +886-938333449
email: booking@zebra-apartment.com

Direction from Ximen
– Exit 1, Intersection of Hanzhong St. and Chengdu Road.
– Go straight to Ximen Elementary School (5 minutes).
– Turn left to Kang-ding road right side, turn right on lane 56.
– Just in few seconds u will see a No.13 is parking space.
– Keep walking for a few more seconds (after crossing Yajing street) u will see on right side have a No.13 for Xi-Chang street lane 29.
(after crossing the Yajiang street it became lane 29 of Xi-chang street in the same lane 56 Kang-ding road)

We booked this from http://www.hostels.com/ by the way. 8D

Me and Nik going around taking pics of this place. HAHA!

Anyway after we settle down, WE DECIDED TO HEAD FOR MAKAN!
yes fucking hungry and we are all already crying on the plane. LOL~
so we asked the Ladyboss for recommendation since it is already late so most shops are closed.
However, the place she recommended was full house.
So we headed to somewhere else which is pretty near the hostel.

Yep you can totally see the aunty me ordering for everyone. HAHAHA!
I jus anyhow whacked since we are hungry and everything looked nice. =x
and here comes the food.

I’m soooooo glad that I chose to get the rice instead since I don’t eat bee hoon.
because the rice is braised meat rice 卤肉饭!!!
FFFFFFFFFFFFucking nice damnit.
I usually don’t eat much rice but I went to finish almost all of it.
owell, it could be because we are all hungry, but it is really nice. *v*
then the other dishes are awesome too, especially the intestine 大肠. (Y)
This store is just next to Kingshi Hotel in Ximen. ^^

some camwhore before we finish up everything!

anyway mel and vin decided to get drinks from nearby drink stall.
and we were all surprised when we see this:

yes. HAHAHA! the cat kinda attracted alot of customer yo. 8D

then we walked past convenient stall and I realised I needed something sweet to end my day.

yes pudding. this is DAMN AWESOME!!! *v*

and then we also saw this, the milk tea bottle looked like shampoo bottles. HAHA!

so me and laopo each got a bottle. hurrr!

ok anyway, this ended the first day.
with the super leopard print bedsheets, pillow and blanket. HAHAHA!

so awesome prz.

P.S I’m totally drooling and crying when I’m posting this. DAMN, 我要回去!!!!

Singapore >>> Taiwan Taoyuan Airport >>> Taipei Main Station 台北車站 >>> Ximen 西門 >>> Taipei Ximen Zebra Inn Hostel >>> Makan at Ru Rou Fan place. LOL! >>> Sleep

do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^

Day 1, how just the 卤肉饭 in taiwan made me hated most food in SG. TROLOL!
Day 2, how I felt seeing a dog almost as big as me IRL and how eating in a toilet ain’t disgusting at all.
Day 3, how I went broke within 4 hours after being lost.
Day 4, how I wished I wrapped myself in plastic in order not to get wet in the rain.
Day 5, how I died after trying the suicide ride at Leofoo.
Day 6, how I went high at my husband Jay Chou’s restauarant.
Day 7, how I went crazy again at my husband Jay Chou’s second restauarant.
Day 8, how I had my first photoshoot in Taiwan!
Day 9, how I walked the Lover Bridge of Tamsui but didn’t see my love.
Day 10, how I hated the trip is ending and I haven got enough fun from it.


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