My anime / manga spam progress…

(look at gintoki, so fucking hot in this pic omg kyaaaa)

anyway, back from my post in Feb 2011 regarding my catching up on animes and mangas…
again, not much progress since then. OTL

Well, I guess at least we have some new things in the list! 8)
taking the list from before and summarizing abit:

1. Naruto. Anime and Manga
(Heard that everyone came back alive again. WOOHOOOO! alright, I still give Kishimoto sensei another chance. Which is to only continue this AFTER it ends. =x)

2. Bleach. Anime.
(abit pointless now isn’t it? I totally lost interest.)

3. One Piece. Anime.
(i have been saying this many times but i guess, it will be like Naruto. I will only continue it AFTER it ends. LOL!)

4. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Anime.

5. Gintama. Anime and Manga.
(WHUT? NO WAY IMMA STOP THIS. LOL! But I gotta find some time to catch up with the manga soon. didn’t have time lately. T_T)

6. Kuroshitsuji II. Anime.
(doned. another awesome much anime. good ending. I LIKE. 8D)

7. Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn. Anime.
(uhhhh… yeah u know…yeah…. =x)

8. D-Gray Man. Manga.
(Sorry, I shall wait for ppl to spoil me once it ended. no more heart to continue this sia.)

9. Claymore. Manga.
(same case as Naruto and One piece. hahaha!)

10. Starry Sky. Anime
(Hmmmm… nope I guess. HAHA!)

11. Ao no exorcist. Manga.
(strong urge to read it as I just finished the anime. Could be short term excitement but lets include it for now HAHA.)

12. Hakuoki. Anime.
(well, seems not bad. gonna find time for it yo.)

13. Natsume Yujinchou. Anime Season 3.
(yep, must find time for this too. HAHA!)

14. Gurren Lagann. Anime.
(hmmm, have all the episodes for this. Just that, haven watched yet. SLOW.)

15. No 6. Anime.
(yep, seems nice. gonna watch yooo! hur~)

16. Seikaiichi Hatsukoi. Anime Season 2.

alright, here are the list currently.
made add on or remove as times goes by. HAHAHA!

speaking of which, my Taiwan updates are not ready yet. FML.
so sorry.
and also, my AFA preparations are abit scary.
not that I’m doing something epic.
but I simply have no time so I’m panicking.
next weekend I will be working.
so Im only left with this coming weekend and next next weekend to chiong everything. I wonder…. T_____________T


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