Cosplay Process – My Costuming Shortcuts

Yea you know, when I’m left with l day to finish up a costume. Or at least a top.
they are so fucked up that I don’t care anymore as long as I get my outfits done asap. LOL!
so here I am to share with you some of the crap tips I have with costuming. HAHA!

Yep, I took pics while making this outfit so thought I might as well share it here. 8Db
so the outfit imma make is this:

Who is he?
Hong Kong from Hetalia

Which version?

Making which part of the costume?
Just the top and waist belt as I already have black pants. 8Db

Ok so here comes the steps. Anytime you feel lost, just leave a comment and I will try to answer it! :D

1. Draw the things u gonna sew / print enough ref pics to know what u are doing~

okay it doesn’t matter if u failed drawing. (I failed too. LOL!) but, it is for your own ref so most importantly, u have to understand what you drew. 8D

2. get ready your main cloth~

preferably to work in a bigger space if your fabric is like SUPER BIG AND LONG AND WIDE AND WHATEVER.

3. Get ready your fabric chalk to draw the pattern. How do I draw the pattern?

put your normal wear top over the fabric and trace the outline. leaving out the sleeve. you don’t have to trace the sleeve outline.
do note that if your fabric is not stretchable, at least have more fabric to sew it bigger. use a non tight fitting top unless u wanna kill yourself while trying to fit into the non-stretchable costume. also, this can only apply for outfits so try to judge if u can use the same method.
(for example, you definitely can’t use this method for a tube dress isn’t it? LOL)

4. ok done with the tracing? pls make sure it is visible for u so you can sew!

5. since my outfit has different pattern for the front and the back, I have to do it slightly differently.
according to my ‘art’, I need two piece of fabric, one smaller and one wider in potion to do the folding.

6. ok cut and I lay it properly on top so I can sew them together, according to the lines I have traced.

Please note that you have to lay the cloth correctly. (which means, if you have the bigger potion cloth on the right side, u have to lay it on the left side when sewing because we are sewing it inside out. if you are unsure, follow the next step.)

7. Pin the cloth and try it on if possible to ensure that u have the correct cloth at the correct side!

well, I didn’t try it as I know which side it is on. LOL!

8. Moving on, SEWING!

yes I sucks at hand sew so I had to use sewing machine. well, it is up to u for this. whichever u feel more comfortable. Remember to use the closer colour of thread! :D

9. Cutting off excess cloth~

make sure u only do this AFTER you make sure you do not need to resew it and that you can fit in it. :D

10. Turning the costume to the correct side to check.

yep, to make sure the shape looks like the one u need. LOL!

11. Well, I needed to do painting on some parts of the costume, so I needed this step. if you don’t it, go ahead and skip to step 13.

since I can’t really see what pattern it is on the fanart, I decided to come out one myself. DRAGON. looks impressive enough i guess. LOL!

12. yes drawing….

I failed to trace as I did not have the materials. so I end up drawing the whole dragon in myself. WTF FAILED. PLEASE IGNORE THE FAILED DRAGON. ERHEM.
I used acrylic paint btw. first, I didn’t have time to shop for fabric paint. Second, acrylic paint works on fabric too. but the fabric will become tough and hard when the paint is applied too much.

13. while waiting for the paint to be dried, I worked on the sleeve~ cut two piece of fabric. for this, just make sure u measured the length to what you want. :D

14. Mine needed golden lining, so unless you have time to do the lining yourself, u can purchase these ready made ones. they come in different colours and type of fabric! =v=b

15. Sew the ends of the sleeve before you sew the length since it will be more difficult that way.

16. Done? Remember to have the thicker width on the right side of the fabric! :D

17. moving on, sew the sleeve and cut the extra fabric off~

18. Now, once the paint is dried, take your main top and draw the round collar then cut it:

19. Depending on the type of collar u need, you can use a piece of paper to trial an error before cutting the fabric.

and so I confirmed the shape I need.

20. Fold the fabric in half, draw the pattern, cut and sew it. Don’t sew the bottom side (the part that you use to join to the body) because you need to flip the fabric around before attaching it to the body.

21. Flip the collar, adjust it properly and pin it to the body costume:

sewing the collar is tricky so please be careful.

22. Once you have sew the collar, you can use the same technique to sew the sleeves:

23. I have to sew the ends of the underside of the bottom cloth so the loosen threads will not be hanging around when I wear the outfit. LOL!

24. now, sew the lining to the body parts. For mine, it includes the collar so I started from there:

25. and finally~~~

right, I ran out of the golden bias tape so I did not managed to sew it to the bottom of the outfit. hence I just sew it up to prevent loose threads from coming off.

26. Buttons! right, mine was easy so I just attach it to the costume by sewing. some will need to be hand sew so please take note!

27. Yep, remember the belt too!

this is just a straight piece of cloth so it is plenty straight forward~

28. Now, you may have some random loose threads on the inside of the costume isn’t it? you can either ignore it, or use this method IF your cloth contains some sort of plastic inside.
to test, burn a little of left over cloth from your costume, if the fire keeps burning and gets bigger, STOP AND PULL OUT THE FIRE IMMEDIATELY! if the fire burns a little and pulls out by itself, melting alittle of the fabric, then you can use this.
WARNING, DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF IF YOU ARE BELOW THE AGE OF 15. well, trying to be safe here! D:
right so if your fabric belongs to the second option, it should look something like this:

before and after! (Y)

this is how I do it:

well, I did it over afew hundred times so I know how to control it. but if you are new to this, please be VERY CAREFUL!

and try not to overdo it as it melts alot of your fabric:


yes I forced the costume on my bro so he is rather pissed. LOL!!!

Total time taken to do this: 4 hours. NOT KIDDING. 8Db

Cosplay Pics:

do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^


2 thoughts on “Cosplay Process – My Costuming Shortcuts

  1. Love your Gintama cosplays!
    It’s really nice seeing someone bringing to Gintoki to life, especially in all the random outfits from the fun arcs!
    Just a question though, how’d you learn how to sew? I’ve always admired those who can make their own costumes :D

    God Bless!

    • aww thank you so much! *v*
      I learn it myself most of the time.
      But at the start, I had my friend teach me how to use the sewing machines.
      Then I will also search online for tutorials on how to sew certain outfits.
      The internet is really resourceful and there are many awesome people sharing their ways of sewing too. :D

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