Going crazy over Gintama again~~~

right, my takasugi be so ghey pls. LOL!

anyway, im super excited after watching Gintama 226.
I was so going to make a summary post for this but urghhh didn’t have much time.
anyway, if you have watched it too, you will understand why I’m getting so high over it.
especially for lovers of Gintoki, DON’T YOU THINK HE IS SUCH A GODLY CHARACTER? OMFG~<3
if only I can marry him or something. LOL!

yes, started off with funny and stupid crap. WOOHOOO!
pudding, jellyfish shoulder pads, ojisan with mohawk hairstyle, pajamas guards, pajamas as hostage (WTF), justaway pillows and socks. omg laaaa~
oh did I mention Gin-san in the pajamas is SUPER KAWAWII?
I wan him so badly pls~<3333

then the badass Gin-san. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~
blood everywhere, disciplinary room, eyes with killing powers. OMFG *dies*


right, I sounded like a scary masochist now. Zzzzzz~
but mind you, it is only ok if Gintoki is the sadist. 8DDDD <– crazy

anyway, apart from that, the next episode will be on the crossover of SketDance and Gintama!!!
WOOHOOOOO happy max pls. <3333
I simply can't wait.

omg Gintama, what will I do without you? :3


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