I’m one step closer to my goal…

yep, nothing big.
but I passed my BTT (Basic Theory Test)!! *v*
thank god. >.<
studied this last minute and getting all nervous because it has been more than 4years since I last have any tests or exams. ZZzz.
gotta thank my bro for going through the trial questions with me the night before the test. haha!

anyway, it has been sometime since I'm aiming to get a driving license.
mainly because I hope to buy a car, drive my family around and make their life easier. haha!
there are so many places i wanna bring them to. but can't because my mum hates taking long public transport journeys.
anyway, buying a car is just too much for me now. LOL! <–broke
so I hope to at least get the license first. *v*

the reason why it got dragged until now was no time. LOL!
I also got no confident because I'm really bad at learning things.
not to mention driving is like one hell of a thing to do. DDDD:

until a few days ago, I got motivate by a sentence in Sket Dance
Said by Bossun:

“If you are going to improve and get stronger, what you need is not ability. You need courage.”

so true. (Y)
without the courage to move forward, you will never know what is there on the other side.
I try to believe I can do it.
Maybe I need more time than others, but I can definitely make it.
I just have to believe in myself.

Now that I’m a step closer, I’m sure I will reach there soon? *v*
Gambatte to me!


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