Costuming again~ 8D

Spend the day rotting and costuming. LOL!
lucky this costume was easy, so I managed to complete it in half a day. <–many shortcuts. ERHEM.

well, I used my own pants so I no need to sew the pants.
and the shirt was also modified from a normal shirt, so not much work needed.
just on those ling ling longs longs stuffs.
but yeah, pretty fast so it was not too tiring to make this costume.

Had some trouble with the wig though. Zzzz.
felt that the styling just didn’t look right. HAHA!
anyway, im so happy now and totally looking forward to TGX!!!
cosing this on sunday. 8D
not going on sat though, cos imma go saikang for a shoot. lol!

完了我, 星期三考试然后什么都没读到.


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