I don’t care anymore.
I just wanna get out of this rotten world for a while.
Just a while.


owell emo post?
not exactly. just another 想太多 post ba.
do pardon me for this. =_=
anyway, I’m not from a rich family.
so I actually started working at a rather young age.
at that point of time, I complained why others don’t have to do that.
slowly as time goes by, I thought it was for my own good.
I don’t like to rely on my parents anyway.

But I can’t help feeling jealous towards the well-off family.
again, life is unfair isn’t it?
I should be glad with what I have. urgh.
hated myself for being human.
Humans are greedy, never get enough. roarrr~

I always tell myself it is ok.

ok pls ignore me.


2 thoughts on “FAKE ME

  1. dont be ashamed to say what you feel!
    i admire you can express it even if its in a blog,(coz i cant :( )
    buts thats whats its used for right?

    evryone has days were they feel rotten!
    yup, i do agree most of the time life is unfair and why some people have it better off than others but when i do think about it…well its no use thinking about it in the end.
    We make the best of what we have,– that was my conclusion.

    i remember a chapter in gintama where gorilla san finally had a date with otae-san, the beginning chapter said ” Every man is a soldier agaisnt a war called Destiny”
    it did make an impression on me. lol. i know its lame but somehow it did make me think( and laugh).

    ok,im blabbering in your blog. i guess my point , well, you my friend are not alone. so lets keep fighting this war!

    • heyyy~<3333
      thank you so much for the comment. *v*
      felt really glad that someone understood my feeling. haha!
      well, I just felt that I should try not to post unhappy stuffs in my blog as I'm supposed to be happy when I read them in the future. :D
      but yes, sometimes days are just not as colourful as I thought it will be, thus this rather emo post. =x

      I loved how you relate Gintama's quote to life.
      I do that too. They are just too awesome and I can't deny, some of them really motivates me to move towards my goal. <3
      I agree, we are not alone. Gambatte and live our life to the fullest! :D:D:D

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