Tumblr Finally!

yep finally created a Tumblr account. LOL!
I gave up on the portfolio site because, it takes bloody long to load.
and I can’t seem to save my work properly when im done upping the pics.
wasted my time so yep, tumblr is more straight forward.
even though I can’t group the pics in categories, but u can still view them according to tabs.
owell, best thing is it is so much more easier and faster. haha!
now im still upping my pics slowly because I gotta retrieve the pics slowly.
but will start spamming when I have the time yeah! LOL!

anyway, you can follow me here if you are not afraid of my spams:

anyway, some updates on my cosplay plans and shoots.
yeah I added more plans when Im not supposed to be. WTF MAX.

not according to debut date. just from what i remembered. LOL!

1. Bazooka and Mayonnaise~
borrowing everything for this shoot so nothing much. feeling excited too because it is the first time I try the characters. LOLOL!!!

2. Ninja~
yes another version that I decided to do randomly. OHOHOHO! manage to form a full group for this too. so happy prz. (Y) I managed to complete the outfit. now I’m only left with the ‘shoes’. not too sure how to make it but I guess it should be alright! =3=

3. Prisoner Demon~
this cos was decided last min. I watched the series like super long time ago. Never would I thought I wanna cosplay this. BUT, one fine day i went to rewatch it and finally decided to cos this ver. LOL!
yep, managed to find my partner too. nothing done, FUCKING CHUI AND GG-ED.
so many crazy accessories and chains. not to mention the coat is a pain in the ass too.
better start soon if not im so dead!!

4. 1000% Love~
yesssssss! quite obvious for series right? I’m doing my fav character!!! 8DDDD so excited!! initially planned to do this solo. but Im so happy that I found my partner~<3333 love her for agreeing to cos with me at such a last min notice! omg looking forward to it la!!! =3=
but nothing done. wig not here yet too. OMFG. pray hard pls. T_T

5. Chang Shang~
erm not Gintama. this is a series that I'm unfamiliar with. LOL! gotta read up as this char didn't show up in the anime series. roar~~~ but it is easy so should be ok. nothing done though. wig and shoes not here yet too. OTL

6. Eye patch and red katana~
a song that I fell in love with while lurking around youtube. decided to cos this PV version because it is so fucking sexy~<3 got reiko-dear as my partner. (Y) must cos with her more before she officially stops. D: anyway i look forward to our shoot for this. oh yeah, NOTHING DONE YET HAHA!

7. BL Punk
another song I fell in love with. yes a BL song. *wiggle brows* the costume and art is beautiful too. not uncommon. in fact alot of people have did this version. I just happen to love it too thats why I decided to cos it. HAHA! managed to get my partners too~<3 looking forward to this plan! :D

8. Big Hammer
A postponed plan. delayed since 2 years ago. LOL!!! HAVE TO DO THIS AHHHHH!!! cosing my fav char too. <3 but I hope I don't fail him. T_T

9. 2 years later
*evil grin* yes, yesterday I went to rewatch the arc and found out what shoes he is wearing. LOLOL! <–fking random
anyway gonna cos this with the Malaysians. omg can't wait!!! (Y)(Y)(Y)

10. Chocolate
yeah. end of story. just uh, OC. LOL!!!

ok i shall control myself and not add in more plans. PLEASE I HOPE I CAN DO THIS. LOL!!!


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