Awesome Cosplay Feature 07~

Decided to feature this awesome lady from Brazil.

Yes, the wonderful YukileFay!

Found her claymore cosplay when I was doing my research for claymore 2 years ago. -lol-
Immediately fell in love with her clare and decided to ‘stalk’ her.
She has really amazing cosplays and very well done make ups for the characters.
so here I go sharing her awesome cosplays~~

First, Claymore~ (Y)

then inuyasha!!
her sesshy is one of the best I have seen. LOOK AT THE COSTUME DETAILS OMFG! (Y)

Yoruichi from Bleach~ fantastic make up too!

Orochimaru from Naruto. awesome make up.
and she really looks like him la wtf. damn cool pls.

and some other misc series and chars.

most of her cos are on series that im unfamiliar of.
but it is still damn awesome.
please check out her gallery for more!!! 8DDDD


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