Just The Way You Are…

This song is amazing.
well, it is nice and beautiful.
when I first heard it, I thought it was sang by a female. <–gets killed
but yeah, it is very goooooood.

anyway saw this cover on jes’s wall.
thought their remix is nice so decided to share it here~ 8D

Finally, please have a look at this talented boy’s guitar cover on the same song.

I noticed him ever since his cover for Big Bang’s Haru Haru.
then I went to stalk his youtube channel.
Even though he is very young, (well 15 this year. 15 years old ONLY WTF?!) he is super attractive when he plays the guitar. omg kyaaaa~<3 <–hentai ba-san

I always loved and gets attracted by very talented guys. *v*
(that's the reason why Jay chou is sooooo attractive even though he looked ugly. LOL!)

So please check out Sungha Jung's page and find out more: http://www.sunghajung.com/


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