Fetish for Dinosaurs~ and Sharks?

oh yes, childhood movie, Jurassic Park made me like this.
I always wondered how it would be like if dinosaurs existed in our time.
okay, maybe I will just become its dinner instead of sitting down here blogging. LOL!!!

but it would be so fucking cool isn’t it? *v*
kyaaaa T-Rex sama, please let me meet you someday.
before you finally eat me up or something. <–siao liao

and also, JAWS.
hell yeah, not really my time since this is MUCH MUCH MUCH earlier.
but omfg epic can?
I guess movies now sucks so much that the shows in the past are so badass lookin!

can't help but to download the shows and rewatch it.
epic show with epic music is just pure awesomeness. (Y)


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