Monday again, Gintama again! 8DDD

yep, won’t be doing up episode summary though.
but just sharing some awesome piano covers of Gintama songs.
be it Movie Themes or BGMs or OPs or EDs.
I felt that these are too awesome and need to be shared:

Bakuchi Dancer

this person is gifted or what. her covers are super awesome. (Y)


yes full ver. FUCKING GOOD.

Stairway Generation

the site to sell the scores. but nice cover done.

Mr Raindrop

cute and different. (Y)

Asa Answer

selling… but cute. hurrr.

Wonderful Days

selling one again~ but nice! 8DDDD

Sayonara no Sora

another selling one. but nice cover.

Samurai Heart

THIS IS FUCKING EPIC. I’m in love pls.

Koko wa Samurai no Kuni da

so sad and awesome. *v*

Gintama Songs Medley

this almost brought me to tears. omfggggg. (Y)(Y)(Y)

well yeah, I’m totally obsessed with Gintama now.
nothing can stop me. SHIT.
this anime is really one hell of an awesome bitch.
Sorachi-sama, I thank you and love you for bringing this awesome anime into my life. \o/
please don’t stop. T_T

omg I think my blog is slowly becoming a Gintama fangirling blog soon.
oh fuck it, I DON’T CARE LIAO! 8DDDD


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