Making one costume in a day…

…is totally not recommended. LOL!!

well, here are the disadvantages (which may just applies to me):

1. costume will be chui. because you are rushing. D:
2. you will suffer muscle aches as you are moving around alot to cut cloth, sew, etc.
3. measurements are wrong. well, this applies to all my costume actually HAHA!
4. some details may not be right.
5. unglam parts of costume will be seen. (those uh threads and stuffs. u know. =x)

anyway yeah, I was super last minute.
bought cloth on friday and chiong out everything on sat. *dies*
but I’m glad uh, the whole costume didn’t fail on me when I try on it. LOL!!
I shall never attempt to do this again.

Last minute work is always, SCARY. T_T


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