Bride of the water god…

Soah is a girl from a small village. The Water God is upset and so a long drought has been devastating the village people. In order to appease the god, they marry Soah off to him by sacrificing her to the Water God in exchange for rain. The Water God rescues her to his Water Kingdom, where her new life begins. For Soah, this is a story of her faith…her life…her love…


well this is how it goes.
I have always wanted to try cosplaying characters with awesome epic outfits.
so I went to ask one of my cosplay mate, ijimae.
she recommended this manhwa to me.
she also recommended two chars for me to cos, Hooye and Habaek.
I looked and chose Habaek, but that is actually because Hooye has long hair and I try to avoid long hairs if I’m cosing a guy.

Anyway I went ahead to read since I wanna understand the story and character before I put it in my cosplans.
and now I’m addicted to it. ROAR~
I have read up to the latest chapter. OMFG NICE CAN?

everyone inside is beautiful.
and I’m sooooooo glad that I chose Habaek.
well, Hooye is super shuai too but Habaek/Mui really made me melt. *v*

look at him. *drools*

anyway some pics of him and soah~<3

omg so sweet pls~<3
also sharing some awesome cos of them:

tempted max? but money no enough. OTL
owell, shall see. *v*


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