Wow just 1 day left to COSFEST 2011~~~!!!

I’m suddenly feeling damn excited about it! oh myyyyy! >.<

anyway, I kinda completed my stuffs so I shall uh, give clues on what imma cosplay! :D
(yeah, image will be out tml!)

Day 1:

Dear Kintoki-kun, we haven’t kept in touch for a while, but how are you doing?
I’m fine as usual, flying all over the universe.
Space is truly a great place.
The other day, I had an opportunity to stop by Earth so I went to visit you.
But sadly, we missed each other.
Actually, I’m writing because there was something I wanted to tell you…
Way back then, you said…
Hey, Ibaragi. I heard you went to a hostess club again. Next time, take me too.
That’s what you said.
But his name isn’t Ibaragi! It’s Ibaraki!
I thought, why bring it up now?
But it’s just rude to get someone’s name wrong.
Well, take care of yourself, Kintoki-kun.
P.S. Sorry for destroying your house.
P.P.S…Haven’t you always wanted to use “P.S.” every time you write a letter? Ahahaha!

Day 2:

A moth flies in the dark.
In the deep darkness, a moth just flies intently.
It fears darkness and searches for light.
Just intently…
Once a moth finds light, it will fly towards it.
But that no longer has anything to do with the moth’s consciousness.
The moth can no longer escape the light

1 day to COSFEST 2011


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