Cosplay Process – Gintama Ranking Thingy

well, those who spams Gintama would know about the popularity arc isn’t it?
yes, from episode 182 to 184!
人気投票なんて糞食らえ!! <–Screw Popularity Polls!!

Anyway, this super simple tutorial (refuse to make anything difficult from now on. LOL!) will be on the ranking numbers stuck to the character’s head.
just in case you forgot or don’t know how it looks like, here are some references:

Yes, the ranking is based on this arc,

Clearer copy here: (click image to enlarge)

The newest and more updated one is here just in case you need it too. :D

yeah Gin is still no 1!!! 8DDDDb

Anyway, here I go~

Black Paper, black on both side (slightly thicker than normal A4 paper)
Transparent sheet / Transparency (yeah, those used for OHP ones will be good. if not, any transparent sheet from file or whatsoever. But not too thin pls.)
Double-sided tape
Scissors / penknife

Step 1: (the 1st rank is done, using the 5th one as tutorial)

– Print / draw the characters and arrow out on the black paper.
– Just in case you need the character in soft copy, here it is: 位
(a little translation for this character:
In chinese, it is pronounce as wei. which can mean position, place, digit, location, seat, throne or figure.
In Japanese, it is pronounce as kurai. which can mean place, rank, standing, rating, throne, crown, post, state, fettle, degree, grade, nobility, court order, dignity, occupying a position, condition, status or station.)

Step 2:

– Cut the characters out, remember to cut two as you need it for both the front and back side.

Step 3:

– Stick double sided tape to the parts of the characters. REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE TO STICK ON THE OTHER SIDE FOR THE BACK SIDE.

Step 4:

– Stick both onto the transparent sheet. Make sure they are aligned so it doesn’t look weird when you hold it up in the air. (weird as in there are extra dot / parts coming off. -lol-)

Step 5:

– Cut the wire to make sure it is long enough to fill the characters as shown.
– Tape the wire down with double-sided tape since you have to cover it with the other side.

Step 6:

– This is how it looks when you have tape the wire and both side together.

Step 7:
– Just cut the excess transparent sheet off and you’re DONE!!

– Remember, you don’t have to cut the excess too close to the characters since you need them to stick together. Just cut the ‘outline’ of the thing will do so everything remains together. :D

*NOTE: This is only workable if you are wearing a wig as you can’t really ‘poke’ the wire through your real hair. LOL!
And WARNING, there will definitely be some damage to your wig net since you are poking the wire through it. Well duh? I can’t guide you how to ‘poke’ this thing through your wig as I always try my luck. so yeah, ALL THE BEST! <–gets slapped
With the wire, I can guarantee 90% of the time it won't fall off your head. Provided that you do it 'properly'. A little twist to the wire after poking through your wig helps! :D

Total time taken to do this: 15mins.

Cosplay Pics:

do feel free to comment if you have any questions.
I will try to answer them. ^^


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