back to fujio- I mean OTAKU life. (Y)


recently got back the pace of spamming anime.
ever since I finished Kuroshitsuji 2, I felt empty without watching anything before I sleep.
so uh, despite many ppl asking me to watch AFTER it ends, I still went ahead to watch,

SEKAI ICHI HATSUKOI, 世界一初恋~~~~~ *throws rose petals*

uh yes, IT IS AWESOME. *gives pinkish aura*
erm I have not read the manga, even though reiko dear have been psychoing me to do it. LOL!
but when I heard the anime is out, I became excited.

then again, as it was just out, I controlled so didn’t watch it.
wanna wait for everything before I spam all at once.

Anyway I have watched the latest episode as well. ALWAYS DIED WHEN IT END.
the best thing about Shungiku Nakamura Sensei’s work is, (well at least in anime which includes JJR) THERE IS ALWAYS KISS / RAPE SCENES. 8DDDD <–hentai ba-san

*breathes in deeply*
wow awesomeness max, I usually watch it at night.
so I tend to die halfway while trying to control myself from screaming at those 'exciting' moments.
there was once when my bro got shocked when I went 'KYAAAAAA~' in the middle of the night while he is gaming too. LOLOL!

another FAILED moment was, I was watching the scene when Takano-san rapes Onodera.
just after everything, I realised my dad has been behind me, staring at my screen. FFFFF-
when he asked what I watching, I just GRINNED and said, 'uh, ANIME LOR'. =x

anyway, I kinda loved all the pairings in here.
unlike JJR, I dun really like the egoist pairing. =x
and in here, I found one guy who is like almost my type. *evil grin*

yes, Yukina Ko~<333

kyaaaa he TMD shuai, somewhat flirt but devoted.
then happy-go-lucky personality~ omg~<3
he and kisa is sooooo kawawii~

but owell, Takano and Onoddera’s relationship is what makes me high. LOL!!!
I love them too.
The relationship between Hatori and Chiaki is somewhat cute.
Hatori is sooooo nice~ *v*

ok erm enuf of fangirling the chars.
talking about their opening and ending~

I adore the opening~<3
I love how they show the relationship between Takano and Onodera~ =3=

the ending is LOVE. *dies happily*
Val first intro this song to me before I watch the show.
I already melted.
now watching the anime and listening to the ending, is fucking shiawase~<3

ok fan-girl post done. *cough*
I have also just started watching Sket Dance. (Y)
I think I'm dead with my no of new cosplans.

6 days to COSFEST 2011


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