initially planned to go to this event with cubie.
after that went to ask jes to join us.
we came up with the trolling Gintama plan.
which is to have the Gintama Okama Trios to go TROLL.
but, some problem came up and cubie couldn’t join us.
so jes and I kinda had another different plan.
she suggested that we do the ranking arc ver, since I have the head thing.
so I agreed. 8D

Next up will be TROLLING images of us. BEWARE for major unglam/LOLness.
but many thanks to Nik, Windy, Shiwen and Staci for coming with us~<3
Here we gooooo:

meeting 8am at woodlands to go checkpoint.
glad I wasn't very late. and jes was shocked when my baggies is so much smaller than hers. haha!
the queue is HELL. nuff said.

finally, made our way through, took bus then cab to KSL~

hungry and headed to atas restaurant for breakfast~ <–喂summarise得太快了吧?

woohoooo group pic~

really nice mee sua~<3
the honey aloe vera is also fucking epic.
they added pepper mint into it. (Y)

taking pics of the food and stuffs~
can't help, usual routine before meals for almost everyone especially photogs? 8D

hur hur~

windy bombing me again.

anyway long story cut short, headed to change~~~
and after changing…

here we are. yo!
jesuke as Gintoki Sakata
me as Zura Katsura Kotaro

reached the event hall.
it was pathetic as there isn’t much ppl around. T_T
but we just trolled~ LOLOL!

while we got our pics taken, carine came over to find us! :D
have been trying to meet her lately and finally! *v*

she did hijikata so we blended since same series. LOL~
she also offered us place to put our stuffs. (Y)
such a nice girl. *v*

and so, sharing some camwhore of me and jes. hurr.

Face squashing~~

don’t ask me why. LOL~

anyway carine bought yakult for us. (Y)
so nice of her~<3
and of course, new phototaking idea: act moe with it.

not moe?



(see? zura so nice. LOL!)


anyway camwhoring with carine~
^ caught LOL!

with nik~

my naturally moe son. \o/

so more trolling…

eh you see, jes 自拍 again laa~

啊啊啊啊啊不要拍我啦 啊哈哈哈哈~ <–疯了

anyway we also had a couple of GIFs projects. LOL!
previews and behind the scenes~~~

to see the final result of the above, here: GameHub 2011 : Gintama 02

to see the final result of the above, here: KSL Game Hub :02:

LOLOLOL more to come actually. muhahaha~
anyway, random takes and camwhores! <3

epic gundam team yeah~

one of the organizer of the event i think~

with the carine’s friend, she was cosing as sougo during CF2010 with her~ ^^

and polariod~ much thanks to jes~

then nik suggested we go outdoor for the REAL polariod. *cough*
and yeah~ epiccccc!

ok next~ pose!!

and tearing out the inking… *excited*


lol face squashing again~

another one, GROUP!!

ok proper view of the pics:

^ LOL-ed at the last pic. WTF is with my leg.

camwhored with the rest before we change out and head for dinner!

with jayce~<3 looks forward to meet her again~

with windy…

with shi wen~

with staci! finally meet her in person. really nice and friendly^^

with gintoki aka jes. =3=b

and my camwhore before i change out. <–到底有完没完啊?

so after changing out, i headed to meet carine as we agreed to have dinner tgt. 8Db
she initially wanted to bring us to somewhere else, but just as we step out of the mall…


so here comes the bak kut teh spams.

it is damn nice. especially the veg.
oh and the ai yu ice is (Y)(Y)(Y).
craving for more mannnnn. D:

anyway took pic with the dress down ver of us. LOL!

finally, time to return!
and FFFFFFF- the queue again!!!

ok somemore group pics!

ok so end of the awesome fun short trip to JB. (Y)
and looking forward to upcoming events too! XD

20 days to COSFEST 2011


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