C2AGE Day 2 Here we go!

like finally the other one. Zzzzz~
anyway woke up in alien hour.
realised I almost kick val down the bed. HAHAHA!
I guess I cannot have anyone sleeping on my left side. (suddenly remember how I kicked cubie and jes the last trip too. LOL!)

anyway, we woke up, act breakfast and prepared.
had some trouble with my wig. OTL
but argh whatever, i shall jus ignore and fail my takasugi. T_T

so all ready to go! :D

First time trying this kind of eye make up. will need more improvements man. D:

checked out and board the cab like aliens. Zzzz~

ok so we reached the event, wander around and saw KC, so he did a video for us. *v*

I looked fail anyway, lucky it was short. HAHAHA!
but I loved yokey’s and val’s part.
I’m so happy that they did what I suggested and it turned out so awesome.
kudos to kondo-san too, for being so LOL-ed! 8DDD

anyway after that we headed straight to ‘Raz corner’ to look for people. 8D
saw Fang~<3

and miku-taichou. (Y)

huyokee~<3 didn't managed to see her on day 1 so yeah. =3=

me and val as sougo~

she did a really good job as sougo~<3


Then, camwhoring with epic awesome looking kiwi-chan~<3

their team looked so wonderful~ *v*

alright omake coming up:

sorry for spoiling takasugi’s image. OTL

anyway, met the two ladies again~
(the ones who shouted ‘Ginpachi-sensei’ on day 1) XDD

Chuiyen, also one of the malaysian whom I chatted with on FB.
first time meeting her IRL. very friendly and lovely girl~ ^^

me and xiao lynn~ ^^

she was cosplaying but alot of ppl couldn’t regconise. haix. =x

me and 小夏~ also another FB fren. first time met irl. ^^

her fren~ kawawii~

mintos!! *v* finally see her since last AFA~

and lucky me, saw ryeain as stocking~<3 sexy yooo!

with lavena~ awww too bad she didn’t cos. D:


and omake with windy:

no comments. just the latest art of camwhoring on the floor. HAHA!

hur, as we had to leave for SG on the day, we change out earlier and headed for early dinner~
camwhore again before changing out~

changed but make up still on. =x

saw KC and camwhored with him! 8D

the siew bao from yokey’s aunty~<3

so nice! 8DDD

ok anyway, we headed to this nice jap restaurant.
food good, price good, place good. (Y)(Y)(Y)
pics spam!!

lol the last pic. yokey being VERY ‘Kondo-ish’. (Y)

finally, it is time to go!
so val and I took some time before we managed to figure out where the hell is the place to check in for our bus. Zzzz.
and I camwhored. LOL!

finally the bus! :D


not a very good experience as the bus broke down at one of the stop. T_T
we had to wait for another 1-2 hours for the other bus.
KNN spent a total of 9 hours in the bus.
fell sick as well. CHUI TTM. ZZzzz~

but overall it is a wonderful event~<3
hope to see the malaysian cosers soon! *v*


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