C2AGE Day 1 Here we go!

oh yes finally got the time to update this expired post. LOL!!!
anyway, I shall start with friday night, 20th May~ *v*

went over to budget terminal after work. wooot in time for some mini bites at the Mac.

camwhoring with val~ \o/

so time to board! (luggage over weight puiiii. lucky they close one eye haha!)

45mins later, HELLO KL! 8D

I love flights so much more now. LOL!!!
ok so headed to val’s cousin place by cab for about 1hour plus.
and her cousin is so nice~<3
spent the night there before we headed to hotel the next morning. ^^

21st May~ morning… woke up at 7.30am. =_=
went for breakfast. =3=

and headed back to grab our luggage, then ready to go to hotel! *v*

(ignore my chui no make up face. lol!)

arrived at the hotel!

pretty place and high class looking.

and as the person made us wait for like more than an hour, they compensate us with bigger room for free. (Y)

fucking pretty room~ and as we see the room, val and I had this wild idea of doing yaoi shoot here. =x

anyway, we quickly pack and change to our day 1 plan.
as we are already late for the event! >.<

tadaaaa, ready to go!

and yeah, reached the event and found our cosplay group.
uh huh, i planned this Gintama 3Z cosplay with Nobu Ko, someone I know via FB.
she is a malaysian, and happened to add me as friend on FB as she loved gintama too.
so we chatted there and on msn.
and since we haven't met each other, she suggested we meet up at C2age, and cosplay together.
then I agreed. ^^
after that, I get to know the rest of our other teammates!

first of all, with Nobuko as sougo~<3

Then, with wind as takasugi~

(no comment. LOL!)

Sheng, as hijikata. I have met him IRL during comic festa 2010.
he was the kamui who asked for my pic. HAHA!

val, as shinpachi. LOLOL! I dragged her in to cos with us. (Y)

xiao lynn, as kagura default. she last min came in so she wasn't with us as 3Z ver.
I have met her at CF2010 too. she was cosing as tifa when she asked for my pic. *v*

waniko as yamazaki. (Y)

anyway, as we hang around the event place to look for Fariz and Windy, we saw no face. (Y)
he is freaking awesome. and so, I request to take pic with him. =v=b

yeah, I forced him to eat my loliloliloli-ed candy. 8D

did a car ad with sexy pose gin. *chokes*

our kondo, yokey arrived. he was late. aha!

ok spotted potter! =D

knew her from the project diva miku shoot. XD

then finally, spotted Fariz!

LOL-ed at kiampah face. (Y)

and windy!!

hahaha chuuus face. (Y)

usagi as well~

anyway, we headed to grab some food since the rest of the team is makaning too.

I got strawberry icesu. (Y) sweet and nice.


dog food. end of story. LOL!

ok group camwhore while waiting for drinks!

and so we headed back to event again.
and met this pretty stocking coser~<3

of course, I molested her and camwhored with her. (Y)

next, I see lotsa chio mikus. woohoooo!

lavena, cheryl, senyakun and angie~<3
lucky gin is happy. 8DDD

then xsaye as mio genderbend~

mbek~ ^^

cappy!! fellow gintama lover~<3

after that we headed to the secret base of Raz to have mini shoot. woohooo!
LOL at kondo. 8DDD

camwhore while waiting~~

camwhore with Raz~~

LOL at his face. 8D

so after the mini shoot, we headed out again to the event.
and some event group shots~

*digsss* and…




and then I have no idea who started out this train thingy…

yeah I’m the one who lead them too. omg WHUT.
and this scene was caught in KC’s day 1 video:

anyway, also met this two lovely ladies who went ‘GINPACHI-SENSEI~~~’ when I was about to leave the event. LOL!

pardon the bag. LOL!!!

they also helped me with this nerdy shot of Gin. =x

so, val, yokey and me headed back to hotel to change out before we meet the rest for dinner. Zzzz~
and waiting for the lift…

then… here comes me and val’s mini forbidden love shoot. =xxxx
yeah the pairing?
GinxSougo. HAHAHAHA!

full story board to come soon. 8D

anyway some camwhore after the mini shoot:

yeah, we are wearing the bath robe. LOL!!!
go ahead and imagine what we did. 8D
and yes, many thanks to yokey for being our photog.
i think he is already half puking while doing this for us. <–yeah, he cannot tahan yaoi. LOL!

anyway, back to the shopping mall for dinner!

and dinner unglamness!

finally, sharing some interesting shopnames:

random max hahaha!

anyway, some takes by various photogs. <3
will up some to my portfolio and dA soon!

what an event~<3


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