Gintama 206!!!

The awesome thing that made my Monday worth it~<3
here I am to spoil it again! LOLOL!

I can't help it.
love it so much that I went crazy liao.
hur hur hur hur!!!

*Spoiler Alert!*

It’s Too Confusing When Talking About the Poster Girl for a Poster Store, So Call Her a Sandwich Board

Starting off, something surprising at the opening~
Ginpachi explained something… with his kawawii Justaway pointer! LOL!
(there’s elizabeth one too! =3=)

but to be honest, I didn’t notice the ‘ until he said it. owell.

anyway this episode is about Catherine falling in love. LOLOL!
there were many unglam scene of Gintoki in this episode. hur hur. <–evil grin

well, no comments. HAHA!

then the PWETTY Catherine came.
omfg chio can? even the voice changed. LOLOL!

Gin-san’s expression and reaction is the best pls~

^I love his WTF face here. omg HAHAHAHA!

then, they showed this short clip on Catherine’s love story. <–WTF RIGHT?!

and Gin-san’s unglam moment again, complaining about the short clip. LOLOL!!!

^yeah, he just wipe his nose shit there thinking no one knows. <_< Tak glam ttm.

Another unglam moment…

yeah, Tama even suggested to help him continue to make ‘ice-cream’.
I love Gin-san’s reply: “Chocolate…and make sure it doesn’t fall off the cone”. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Poor Gin-san~

Otose is violent and strong eh? LOL!

Yea, Catherine finally lost it…

omfg Gin-san and madao…
watching strip pole dance. DDDD:

of course, Gin-san went off.
but omg Madao’s face is epic. HAHAHA!!!

eventhough there are many unglam scenes of him,

But KNN this scene makes it all up~<3


beautiful ending~<3

and omg i can't wait for next monday.

again, don't save me. LOL!


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