Wow haven had the time to update my blog. Zzzz~
been really busy with work especially after the stupid me made stupid mistake. <_<
gotta chiong harder to pay back~

Anyway, other than work, my cosplay life has been busy too!
I got lazier so my piles of cloth are like rotting somewhere in the house.
mum screaming louder cos my cosplay shits are stacking up.


but yeah, i need to get my lazy butt moving to sew those costumes.
also to pack my stuffs.
omg why aren't ppl buying my costumes?

ogayz anyway, Imma start on my KL trip outfits. <–tmd i didn't realise it is going to may already
still have to chiong cosfest outfits too.
oh mah god~ *screams*

what did i do to myself? lol~
but nevertheless, I'm looking towards to the events.
oh gosh so excited. 8DDDD

on a side note, I deleted my flickr account. D:
it was not so user friendly (for me) and I decided to close it. OTL
but, I'm now working on a new portfolio site to upload my cosplay / photography.
shall share it once it it done! =3=

it will be including pics that are not in my curecos or dA.
those that are not good enough but wasted not to share. HAHAHA!

thats it for my lengthy post.
shall update more SOON.


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