what have I done?

The fact that I did something wrong despite them giving me the responsibility is bad enough.
now that my manager just got back from his fun holiday, have to write report to big boss and marketing side explaining what happening, is worse.

seriously, can I do anything right?
wtf is wrong with me?!

urgh it will be alright if it is just me who gets it.
now I sabo-ed my manager and the rest of the team to suffer this.
great, can someone kill me please?

I’m such a failure.
what is the point of me working so hard when all I do is to sabo people who are nice to me?


I don’t care what happen to me for this mistake I have made.
but making others suffer with me is not good at all.
especially if the people are nice to me, it makes it worse.

I feel so angry with myself.
stop being so nice to me.
I’m not worth it.


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