SOYC 2011 Here we gooooo~

finally this event is here.
it has been pushed back by 3 months.
but alright since we have more time to work on outfits and blahblah~

The event was a BLAST!! 8DDDDb

Firstly, I finally see Shizu at event!!! *flies~*
yes she is soooo sexy.
I went to molesthug her so violently that my pacifier broke and flew out on the spot. O_O
sentence sounded wrong but yeah u get the idea. hahaha!

Then I finally cosplayed Colonello!! *v*
have always wanna cos him and FINALLY~~~ hur hur!
anyway, here come piccy spams.

First off, with Shizu~<333

Next will be my partner of the day, Vincent as Verde.
(哦对对对!他是那个…那个…变态的arcobaleno!) hahahaha!!! EPIC!

Then with Jovelle as Miku~<3

And with Yokey, Happy Birthday to him in advance! 8D (10th Apr)

Then with Kanasaiii aka Lynn~<3
shuai Gakupo as usual.. WOOHOOO!

Data_Ronin!!! OMG THANK U FOR THE GINTAMA FIGURINES~<3 I love them!! *v*

With Toky! Thank you so much for coming down to pass me the blazer~<3

With Christy.. I’m so sorry that I arrived late.
her costume couldn’t wait longer when I reached. D:

With Jesuke. Didn’t managed to camwhore with her when she cos-ed House Moving Castle

With sexy Lenneth. I almost lost my breathe when taking this pic with her~ (喷鼻血

Another sexy woman, jojo as meiko. Their group is really <333

With Cvy~<333 so sad that she isn’t cosing. D:

With Zura aka cubie~<33333 She looked so shuai as kaito~ kyaaaa!

With Windy~ *v*

With Shifu!! Went to support his Fund Raising booth~ GJ Shifu!! *cheers*

With Sumin-yaku~ shuai TTM can?!

With Juju~ LOLOL!

With Nik aka son. hurr.

With Rina~~

Engracia! ^^

With Jasmione~ So glad she got to cos since her costume only arrived in the morning. D:

Kula. 喂你干吗?!

With Rachel~<3

With Val~ she only managed to come for awhile.

With sam darling~ she came too!

With Fariz Taichou. hahaha!

With Claude. He didn’t cosplay! D:

With Cutepetz~ She looked so kawawii pls!

With Max! 8D

With Aya~

With Sakurazaki~<33 Thanks for the Gintama plushie! you did an awesome job dearie!

With Shinji. someone who didn’t recognise me and act dao. HAHAHA! jkjk!

with Lawliet~ with cubie photobombing. 8Db

With Xiaobai~<3

Rieyn~ kyunkyun face cute!

With Deathjoker! 8DD

With Seras-V. hurrr.

With Holydust~ sexy prz~<3

With Ayu!! 8D long time no see! :3

with Ayume~ First time seeing her in cosplay. was one of my customer from my sgcafe sales thread. lovely gal~<3

Saw this Umbibozu coser and I went crazy.. ODOU-SANNNN!!!! *v*
‘He’ is a female. 8Db

Then the son, kamui by Sherry! (不…不热吗?

and the daughter, Kagura~


Daikon and Rachel. WE ARE THE BLONDIES!

With petz and shizu~<33 *v*

With petz and uncle verde.

With the Gintamards. 8DDDD Gin-san’s signature pose FTW!!!

so after the event, we went to Clark Quay Saizeriya to have dinner.
stupid me forgot to bring clothes to change, so I totally looked like some banglah worker. D:
we took polariod!! thanks to Nik~ 8D

Then group shots~~~ *v*

Omake shots. Special thanks to Nik and Kula. LOLOL!!!
cake bought by Judas for Yokey and Jovelle’s Birthday.
cake mostly eaten by myself as I dun wanna waste it. *chokes*
Post-it note by Verde to stick onto people to turn them into his specimen.

cake 好吃吗?

ok finally, a serious pic of me as colonello~
Credit to Kula~<3

Awesome event~ 8DDDD
Love it!!
Can’t wait for the next!!!


anyone interested to go to KL’s C2age event in May? :x


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