when the normal lens are not good enough for you…


… you use one that is so big that it fucking block 3/4 of your camera body. LOLOL!

thanks to Nik for this photo.
looked like some commercial pic yeah?

note: I’m not paid to do this shot for canon or whatsoever. \o/

And noticed I cheated? I couldn’t hold this fucking heavy thing for more than 5 sec.
so Nik attached it to the stand so I can pose with it. hahaha!
so funny please.
I gave the serious photographer look. *wiggle brows*

and the best thing is, noticed I cosed Ciel right?
my other eye is supposed to be covered by the eyepatch. HAHAHAHA!
epic fail-ness.

but owell, just for fun yeah?
I wonder if I should upload this to my dA as omake.
it has been N years since I upload omakes to my dA. T^T

recently had this bitching session with other people and felt amused.
realised how a person can be SOOOOOOOOO fucking BHB.
argh *rolled eyes*
seriously look into the mirror before you start splitting scary things like ‘I’m most beautiful’, ‘I’m best’, ‘I’m special’, BLAH BLAH BLAH.
it scares people, really.

and the funny thing I don’t understand is,
this person added me on FB again when I already deleted him/her.
I thought I was clear but he/she kept trying. (yes, I ignored the request for more than once. <_<)
but then since my account has so many random people, I decided to just forget it and accept the request.
and recently, I found out that this person blocked me on his/her FB.
WOW? I was so amazed by the level of stupidity.
but again, I'm glad he/she did this action.
because now I have enough reason to block him/her. 8D

no point seriously, stop trying to show that you are stupid.
people can tell just by looking at you, pathetic piece of shit.
and the bigger your head grows, the uglier you become.
I don't think you will stop anyway, just saying and letting you know that it is not just one or two people who starts to dislike you. but a whole group.
because of your fucked up attitude and ego.

people who thinks themselves as best and awesome, please go fuck yourselves.
get your facts right, come back to the real world, BITCHES and JERKS. (N)

ok ranting done. 8D


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