The Deathgod took her away…

Not too sure if you have heard about this rather famous female cosplayer, Saya 沙谷.
she passed away on 15th March due to some unknown accident.

owell, rather sudden and shocking especially to people who loved her and her cosplay.
I was feeling neutral about it. not that I don’t care.
but you know, not the OMG-ness kind of reaction from me la.
I felt that death can happen to anyone.

but when it happens to people you know, the feeling is definitely different.
Fariz came to talk to me about it.
He felt really sad as Saya was one of his most fav cosplayer.
It was too fast and sudden, he said.

I remember this sentence which my friend told me.
because one of his very nice and good friend passed away at the age of 25.
He told me that heaven needed more nice people.
so I said this to Fariz.
perhaps heaven wanted her to accompany them?

it is very saddening to hear this kind of thing.
I feel a lot for this kind of thing.
I don’t know.

sorry jokes aside. *slaps self*
I think death is just fate.
I believe it because you can’t control it.
even if it is suicide.

ok too serious.
omg I’m sorry for the mood.
promise to have something happy next.
May Saya Rest In Peace.

Saihate Miku by Saya


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