KHR Shoot Finally!!

Yes this was postponed from last year till now. hmmm~
We were suppose to cos this for toycon last year.
but wigs didn’t arrive on time hence we have to postpone the plan to this year.
Wanted to cos for sgcomifest but my dearie couldn’t make it. ZZzzzz~
so it ended up as a photoshoot only. muahaha!

But nevertheless, I’m glad this is completed.
I have always loved this couple and wanted to cosplay them so much.
Especially Lal Mirch, loved her character and she is one of my fav char in KHR.
Also one of my fav female anime chars. 8DDDD

Both Lal and colo are so kawawii~<333 *v*

And it is just sad that there isn’t much love scene between the both of them. :x

chui camwhore:

Anyway, thanks to Reiko for cosing my shuai colonello~<333
thanks to juju and Fariz for coming as Photographer.
And special thanks to Fariz for driving us to the location.
Without him I think we might have to roll there in about 1 month. LOL!!!
finally, thanks to uncle vincent for coming as our SKW. haha!
sweating and melting there with us is FUN right? 8Db

Kinda spent some time making the outfits and props.

yes, Lal’s props are SCARY TTM.
Her outfit is simple but she have too many props/weapons. *dies*
One of the challenge was the Gorilla head. Somehow managed to make it.

and the sad thing is, just when we started shooting for about 15 mins,
my props started falling off. HAHAHA!
juju was like: “eh, u dropped something” “oh wait, something from your arm dropped” “hey, I think your headphone coming off”

OMFG *pulls hair* DDDDD8
I have no idea. but I’m glad the shape of the props are still there so we were able to continue the shoot. LOL!


Taken by Judas.

Must thank him for telling me if I looked fat.
So I can change angle and look less fat. HAHAHA!!!
looking forward to more pics!

And yeah, Reiko and I gonna switch character for our next shoot~
should I do this shot? *gets slapped*

anyway, end of post.
it was a tiring yet nice shoot. :3


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