Just my personal opinion.

well, I believe a lot of you know about the Japan earthquake recently?
have seen alot of news / tweets / FB posts / journals / whatever report on that sad disaster.
Plus, it is not just that, they are facing alot more problems than it seems.

okay, I shall stop here since I’m not really sure what is going on.
I just know that the situation is very very saddening and frightening.
I do feel sad for them. Yes, I really do.

But some things annoys me.
I know I may not have cared as much as other people do about this sad disaster.
But I wanna make this clear.
TBH, this is not the first time a natural disaster killed so much people right?
I have never cared so much to the other countries that encountered such tragedy.
So I believe I will do the same for Japan even though I admit I do love Japan abit more than other countries.
But I didn’t want to care just because it is Japan (with my animes/cosplays/blahblah). It should be for the people.
I felt it is so fake and annoying when you try to act as if you cared when actually you are not.

It is mean for me to be like that, I know.
But at least I know I’m not faking my feelings.
The people are pitiful, the country is suffering now and everything is so bad for them.
I know all of these.
I do feel sad when I see the news on how people suffered.
But yeah that’s about it, it is natural disaster after all.

So people who feel it is karma or shit, go fuck urself please.
It might just be Japan being the first to face the disaster for the world end thing.
Don’t laugh as you WILL be next.

Anyway, this post is entirely my personal opinion.
you can have yours for all I care.
if you don’t agree with me, keep it to yourself TYVM.

it is easy for god to create or destroy everything.
we just have to wait since we can’t do anything.
do not whine about it as we are only humans.
we do what we are capable of.
that is all.


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