SGComifest 2011 Day 1!

yea like finally, first 2011 event in SG~ *v*
So the first day I planned to do Lal Mirch from KHR.
But due to some screw ups, plan failed and changed.
I ended up cosing Miku with Jovelle as Rin.
Version? my own version. hahahaha!! <–gets stabbed

Anyway, I’m still very manry so my second attempt of Miku cosplay FAILED terribly. this should be the last time I cos her. hahaha!
But would still like to thank dear jovelle for lending me her miku wig and cosing with me~<3 she looked so kawawii as rin. >w<

Upped one pic on my dA. \o/

Photography by Nik~

And here comes the camwhoring / spams~

me and jovelle~

me and jes. she is so sexy pls. *nosebleed*

me and ashteyz~

me and ashteyz with cubie photobombing. LOL!

me and askteyz with more photobombing~ HAHA!

me and cubie~<33

me and fariz. I’m so glad he didn’t kill me despite seeing me ruin his fav char. :xxx

me and amano aka my neighbour. LOL yes, we lived in the same building. haha!

me and zelmer~ 8D

me and akairi and yasuu~ finally meet up with them. =3=

me and violet~

me and lenneth~

me and ash~ He kept asking me to go blading with him. tsk tsk.

me and haru~

me and sd~

me, engracia and rachel~

me and rachel~

me and engracia~

me and juju. lolol~

me and nik aka son. yes I’m his mum. O_O

me with loliloli-ed candy. HAHA~

ok that’s about it.
the ghey miku is done.
following day is GINTAMA. 8DDD

stay tune. *v*


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