so WTF is a Justaway?!

A Justaway is just a Justaway. Nuff said.

One of the cutest item appearing in Gintama. OMG~
I fell in love with it when they first appeared in episode 32.
Gin-san was fast in making them in the factory. LOLOL!
the face and everything is so random but cute.
I love justaways. 8DDD

So this is the ‘weapon’ I’m gonna bring for my SGComifest Day 2 cosplay.
It is a weapon because, it is a bomb. HAHAH!
But no, the Justaways are innocent! D:

Anyway, Uncle and I decided to make mega big ones to carry them around the event.
But due to time constraint, uncle didn’t have time to make them so I will be the one making both of them.
Ingredients include Styrofoam hemispheres, hard plastic sheets, plywood sticks, acrylic paint, marker and hot glue.
Previously we bought orange vanguard sheets to use it as the Justaways body. But it wasn’t big enough. D8
(stupid for not measuring before buying. OTL)
So I decided to paint the orange colour directly on the plastic sheet which was suppose to be the support for the body. And it turned out well. I’m glad.
I almost turned my house upside down to make these so my mum almost killed me. >.<
Anyway, I have to thank my bro for helping me out to attach justaway's head to the body.
I won't be able to do it by myself. T_T
And I shall try not to attempt these kind of things so last min again.
Chionging it out in half a day is just too scary and tiring. *dies*

Anyway the end result was so KAWAWII. I kept laughing when drawing the face for them. *v*
The best part is when my family saw the two funny objects, there will be this LOL conversation:

Family:"Soooo…What is this?"

Me:"Justaway" <–gives straight face

Family:"What's a Justaway?"

Me:"A Justaway is just a Justaway."

Family:*Gives WTF face*

Me:"Ok fine, it is a bomb." <–walks away

Family:"Oh…okay…" <–remains puzzled

the epic expression from them is just epic. 8DDDDb
only my bro and I knows as we watched Gintama.
I showed my dad the anime Justaway and he said I did an awesome job. HAHA!
As for my mom, she just said those bombs are in the way.
She even tried 'killing' one of them as she broke its hands while walking past them. D:
Anyway, it was fun. hahaha!


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