I think I’m getting old…

yeah omg.
I finally started on my sewing for sgcomifest cosplay for day 2.
I only sew one pants and I’m feeling exhausted. WTF.
seriously, maybe it was due to lack of sleep from previous night but well, I thought I can do better.
in the past i used to be able to stay awake till 8am or not sleeping at all for 2 days. <–chiong projects in poly

but now… DAMN.
old liao old liao. LOL!

However I'm still proud of myself being able to chiong the props for day 2.
it is two mega gigantic thingy related to our cosplays. 8D
I'm so glad I have my bro to help. love him lots~<3
Anyway the event is next week!!
exciting please.

my first day cosplan failed.
because of the tattoo thing and time constraint. OTL
so I have to change plan and now, doing something totally random and wrong.
a female. (only clue)
just see if you can recognize me then. LOLOL!!!

the big thing is day 2. 8DDDD
BECAUSE IT IS GINTAMA!!! <–damn kiampah
muahahahaha~~~ yes yes yes~
I'm cosing Gin-san, as usual. wearing osan outfit.
(reason for this, when I sew my pants for this version, my mum asked me why am I sewing uncle looking pants. T_T)
anyway, clue:

this vid is TOTALLY obvious as it is also the reason why I chose the version to cos. 8D
so whoever is going, see ya there! ^^


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