is not my thing.

yeah, somehow I don’t really enjoy it.
no offense to ppl who loves clubbing.
I have many friends who loved clubbing.
I’m kinda envy of them being able to enjoy themselves so much.

I..can’t. I..I simply can’t. <–reminds me of the stupid guy part on simsons movie. whoever knows, will understand. LOL!

Anyway, back to topic.
first off, I don't drink. lol!
yeah no kidding. I hate the taste of alcohol.
and yes I admit that I can't drink for fuck becos I will just die in 1 cup.
anyway I don't think of it as an achievement for having awesome capacity for liquor.
so uh ppl who likes to brag about it can just fuck off. LOL!

Then, I have night blindness.
enough for me to say I hate clubbing since I can't see for fuck? hahaha!
I need my friends to hold me when I walk.

Next, the ppl there are scary.
many many different types.
I know there are weird ppl everywhere.
but one of the grp I hate to see are drunk ladies / despo womans.
I'm rather disgusted by girls who don't know how to 'protect' themselves.
No, not in terms of dressing but behaviours.
I know some may not mind, but hey, it is very embarrassing to know that I'm the same gender as you, bitches.
nuff said, it will become a composition if I start nagging like obasan. LOL!

Anyway, I don't care if I'm old fashion or not 'in' or what.
I just don't like it.
I don't go there unless it is for friends.
I will always reject when I can because I know I won't enjoy it.

and also, please understand that going to club is not 'cool'.
it is just like any places people go chill.
so don't come tell me, 'wa lau you don't club? that's not cool.'
my only reply to you will be 'go fuck yourself, loser.' _|_

I think clubbing will be fun if I know how to enjoy it.
too bad I don't feel the love, so sorry to all my friends who tries to invite me.
I love you guys, but not clubbing. HAHA!
anyway, this is NOT a post to debate if clubbing is good or not.
just me here saying I don't like clubbing.
that is all.



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