Where my money went…

hello, congrats me for spending $500 in less than a week.
WOOOOHOOOOO! *stabs self*

seriously, what have I been doing?! DD8
anyway it is good that my cosplans are more or less confirmed.
but it is bad that I’m spending alot AGAIN. OTL
owell again, half the things I paid are not mine.
I’m helping people to pay in advance. Zzzz.
please, I hope you guys do remember to return me my money. LOL!

ok so I went over to arab to buy cloth.
spend over $90 just on cloths. Awesome or WAT?!
then headed to art friend to buy acrylic paint. *cough blood*
not cheap PLEASE. tskkk.

so me and uncle headed to meet fon and fred for dinner at Yuki Yaki!! <–money gone sia. LITERALLY.
pics to spam~


here we gooo~

Anyway this guy here, keeps avoiding to cook and he just simply eat. :x

(yes fred, it is you. and STOP using your cam to shoot me back. LOL!)

Then this guy here, ONLY cooks dory fish with egg.
(look how 专心 he is. haha!)

lol failed, he scooped the aluminum foil up too.

when you combine both losers, you get this:

(一个猛煮, 一个猛偷。) LOL!

this lady here, fell in love with chicken wings.
and she kept eating non-stop. D8

Anyway it is dessert time! 8Dv

yeah for ice-cream. uncle shall start the cooking (again)

it was supposed to be a normal ice-cream cooking thing.

it turned violent and scary. LOL!!!

anyway everyone got what they want so yeah!
(I became the one who kept eating now. :x)

Fred’s work:

LOL!! looked artistic huh?

Mine and uncle’s work:

shit and justaway. CHUI. lol!!!
(the justaway made by uncle looks alot more like E.T) O_O

so after the dinner, we headed to Marina Bay Sands for a walk.
yeah I have never been to that area ever since it opened. :x

and so, we have no idea who did this to a bench.
it also have this tape to warn ppl not to ‘sidown’ <–DYAC perhaps?

and you always have ppl who don’t listen to instructions. LOL!

we entered the shopping center and saw this directory thing.
instruction: ‘press ctrl + alt + delete’


vin: where are these keys?!
fred: key board key board…
(pardon the images. have no idea why isit like that. and lazy change. LOL!)

we also saw this water fountain thing which many people started throwing coins in as there is a big hole in the center. (for the water to blast off)
yes my dear friends got addicted and started throwing coins in to aim for the hole. LOL.
we also realised that the fountain material allows you to ‘communicate’ across the circumference.
that means if you speak into the handle on one end, the person at the other end can hear what you said.
so fon got vin and fred over and asked them to take a pic of us.
so here:

as usual, uncle’s photo-taking skills SUCKS. hahahaa!!

anyway we missed last bus so fon and I took NR home. <–save money la~
it was a tiring but shuper fun meetup~<3
loves them bitches! 8DDD


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