Ginpachi-Sensei’s Valentine~<3

14th February, Valentine’s Day.
Who is Your Date?

No one?

And so I have to ask you…

Would you be my Valentine?

You’re all I ever wanted.

I wish you could be mine…

I see everything I want in you.

I’m always thinking of you…

May I be your sweetheart?

And will you be mine?

Thank you…
Ginpachi-Sensei Cosplay by viospace
Photography by Fariz Asuka

Ginpachi-sensei Special~
(some are exclusive to my blog readers! LOLOL!)

Hell yeah. Ginpachi just CAN’T STOP. 8D

Now, YOU heard that!!!

Teachers need a moment of ‘freedom’ too. *breathe*

Yeah, that’s true too. LOL!

hokay, thats the post I promised to give. 8D
this shoot is simple but nice.
Really thanks to Fariz Taichou for helping out. hur hur.
looking forward to more upcoming shoots! hehehehe~


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