No, You are losing your neck…

right and so, I had my Valentine’s Day photoshoot. mur hur hur.
it was a rather last minute plan and I decided to discuss with Miku-Taichou aka Fariz about it. LOL~
so I went to buy some of the ‘romantic’ stuffs needed for this valentine day theme.
It will be a simple cosplay so I will need these props to help. haha!

And the character is none other than Ginpachi-Sensei from Gintama!!! 8D
I sold my white coat away so you won’t see me wearing it. haha~
lucky I still have my other stuffs since I cos-ed him before. :3

Have gotta thank taichou for all the help.
didn’t have any SKW that day so it was just me and him doing the prep work. ZZzzz~
He was also my ‘art director’ as he has to make sure the props looked good. :x

Anyway I shall not go on with the comments and starts my omake pics. LOL!
Special thanks again to Fariz for sending me the pics at night right on the same day so I can post them up on time. *v*

preparing, LOL!
I did the white background thingy before I changed though. hurrr~

yep I do the arrangements and decorations myself and Taichou will help me move them when needed to get the best effect.
look, I have lotsa rose petals!!! 8DDDD

Despite having lotsa props, I still run out of poses.
So I went to flip jump to get inspirations.
and Taichou took this shot which I thought it looked quite good. HAHAHA! (maybe it is becos u can’t see my face. 8D)

Another rose petals throwing session!

Alright, thats all for omake!
Pics will be upping soon once I complete the edits and series.
Will post them here and on sgcafe.
Do check there as I will only post here once I completed posting on the thread.

Finally, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO EVERYONE!!! 幸せなバレンタインデー!

Reason for the title: Fariz said this whenever I do the lying down poses.

Another P.S:
extra BIG pics today.
just so that you can see my messages on the pics. LOL!


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