Conclusion: Japan is OMGDESS~

So here’s the record of my Japan trip entries in case it gets ‘buried’ by new posts. LOL!

Day 1, how we chiong to check in and how I felt when we arrived! 8D

Day 2, how I had my bad hair day and squeezing our way to Sensoji while eating non-stop. LOL~

Day 3, how under-dressed we were at the -4deg EdoMura and jumping to food stalls to warm ourselves up after 15mins of shooting.

Day 4, how we missed breakfast and how I went crazy at Animate becos of Gintama.

Day 5, how we washed our hands with freezing cold water during winter and shop till money not enough. :x

Day 6, how I fell in love with Nasi Goreng and wished that Singapore treats Valentine Day as important as Christmas. HAHA!

Day 7, how PINK kitty can be and how addictive kacha machines can be.

Day 8, how onsen makes someone high besides getting to see lots of -beep-.

Day 9, how we carry pregnant luggage down the stairs and traveled longer than going from one end to another end in SG.

oh my, I love Japan~<3 *v*


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