Japan trip (4)

Was supposed to wake up at 6am. But we ‘killed’ our alarm and overslept till 9.30am. 9th failed moment. =___=
Anyway, we missed breakfast so we decided to change and head to Sunshine City for shopping straight.

We went to this family restaurant, Denny’s to have our ‘brunch’ first.

And we headed to the OMG-AWESOME-PLACE: ANIMATE desu. Hur hur hur~
Yes for the otakus ne… *looks at self* :x
I was so excited and happy becos before i went in, I saw Gintama from outside. (Y)

So we started from the top level, 8th floor and slowly go down to see.
*note, all pics are mostly on Gintama due to shuper biased reason*

8th floor, DVDs and VCDs.
Yes, Shinyaku Benizakura-hen DVD.
Not buying cos I already had the movie downloaded. and it is not cheap. >_<

7th floor, CDs and SoundTracks.
Gintama OSTs, OPs and EDs. Didnt buy as well since I already have the songs.
And OMG otsu’s album!! Hahaha!!

ok sidetrack, I love the lift~<333

6th floor, Figurines.
ZOMG PLEASE. Im so glad Im not a figurine lover if not I would have been broke at this level. LOL!!!

5th floor, Characters Goods.
The one where I finally get to buy a Gintoki back my house to sleep with him. 8D *drools*
There are SOOOOOO many nice Anime goods around that Im trying hard to resist. >_<
Good thing I managed to control myself. Hur.

4th floor, Doujins and drawing materials.
Pairings, BL, Yuri, whatever u can thing of, etc.
Yes, pics will do the explanation. LOL!

3rd floor, Yaoi and Shojo Mangas.
No comments. Just a place for me to drool when I look at the Yaoi section. Hahahaha!

2nd floor, Shonen Mangas.
Yep, this should be easy to understand. *nods*

1st floor, Magazines and Character food goods.
Bought a JUMP magazine cos the cover is Naruto. Lol! Can use for my Gintoki cosplay too. Heh heh!
I also got one can drink with Inuyasha printed on it. *v*
There are also the gacha machines. So i went to try this Gintama one. Hahaha! I got the sougo mask hankerchief. <–not what I wanted T_T
There are plenty of different ones. There are gintoki cloth pouch, shinsengumi pouch, shinsuke pouch, JustAway keychain and Elizabeth keychain.
I wanted either the JustAway or Elizabeth one. So I tried again.

This time, I GOT JUSTAWAY!!! *high*
TMD de cute. Loved it please. :3

So after all the Gintama-fan-girling, we headed to sunshine city for shopping!!
Everything is so nice there omg~
I also bought my CNY clothes there cos I dun think I will have time to buy it when i get back to SG. >_<

After the omg shopping crazyness, we headed back to hotel first since there were too many things to carry. Zzz.
And we went to the Ikebukuro station to meet GKreiko for dinner.
Yep been wanting to know her since I saw her awesome kagura cosplay.
We waited and she finally came!!

So she bought us to this nice place for ramen since I have been craving for it.
Nice place with nice food and nice workers. Everyone is so passionate which makes it really nice. Lol!

After ramen session, we went to karaoke. Hahaha!
Yes omg the karaoke here is best becos u get to sing anime songs that are not available in SG. Hur hur.
But I started out with Jay Chou’s song cos I didnt know how to read jap. <–fail moment no 10
Then dear started with Douten from Gintama. Woohoooo!!
Im literally crapping the whole song since I have no idea how to read the lyrics. LOL!
So we sang songs from Gintama, Naruto, Bleach, KHR, code geass and vocaloid.
GKreiko's voice is so nice. As compared to me Im fail sia.
I even went to sing otsu's your father is XX. ZOMG PLEASE.
Dear went to record the vid and she died after that becos the singing and song failed. Hahahaha!!!
I have to say that I totally sounded like Shinpachi when I sang that song. <–tats how bad I sounded. :x

Anyway after that we headed to arcade to look around, and decided to take puri! :333
Then we went to this cafe to have drinks and chatted.
We chatted till about 1plus and head back.
GKreiko is so nice and friendly. The 3 of us are ultimate Gintama fans.
Hope to see her again soon. ^v^

So finally, dear and me died when we came back to the hotel. Too late. Plus we gotta battle the next day. (another shopping day!) zzzzz~

Day 1, how we chiong to check in and how I felt when we arrived! 8D
Day 2, how I had my bad hair day and squeezing our way to Sensoji while eating non-stop. LOL~
Day 3, how under-dressed we were at the -4deg EdoMura and jumping to food stalls to warm ourselves up after 15mins of shooting.
Day 4, how we missed breakfast and how I went crazy at Animate becos of Gintama.
Day 5, how we washed our hands with freezing cold water during winter and shop till money not enough. :x
Day 6, how I fell in love with Nasi Goreng and wished that Singapore treats Valentine Day as important as Christmas. HAHA!
Day 7, how PINK kitty can be and how addictive kacha machines can be.
Day 8, how onsen makes someone high besides getting to see lots of -beep-.
Day 9, how we carry pregnant luggage down the stairs and traveled longer than going from one end to another end in SG.


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