Japan trip (3)

It is to Nikko today!! Woke up at 5am. WTF I KNOW.
but we have a 3hours trip to make so gotta wake up early. >_<
so did our make up and dress up for our day 3 event!!! 8D
Somehow I failed in today's make up. So sadded please. OTL

To our horror, when we got out of the hotel, it is FUCKING COLD. Even colder than before.
Omg die sia. We were totally underdressed. Not to mention we are going to a colder place later. X_X 6th failed moment.
So we were able to see smoke coming out from our mouth when we talk. Cool can?! Haha!!!

Had breakfast in the train. The bento is so <3.

The view outside is so beautiful. I stayed awake eventhough I was kinda tired as i felt it will be wasted to sleep. :x
(look at my chui face. I have no idea dear took this shot. :x)

camwhoring. dear used my phone while listening to 说了再见 by Jay Chou for the 569412879671th time. LOL!
but it is ok, she looked lovely here. so I shall forgive her. :x

And it gets colder till we were able to see snow around~

And we finally reached…NBKNNCCB COOOOOOOLLLLDDDDDDD…. *dies*
the degree in Tokyo is 3. here at Kinugawa-Onsen is -3.
ZOMG I totally felt as if I was put into the freezer. Zzzz~

So took bus to Edo Wonderland. Hur finally. And just when we arrived, IT STARTED SNOWING!!!!
Omg shuper lucky. Not only do I get to see, I get to touch them too. *v*

The whole place is totally gorgeous. Despite being almost dying there by the coldness, i was in awe~ omgosh! 8DDD
(the guy with the horse just left me stoning there. *O*)

We were greeted by this friendly samurai at the entrance. So we went in to find toilet so I can change and start shooting.
But failed moment no 6, Im so underdressed that I ‘danced’ around in the toilet while changing.
So fucking cold please.
When Im finally done, we only managed to take a few shots before dear and I ran towards a ramen store to hide from the deathly temperature. LOL!

Dear had ramen while I stoned inside. The waitress came to talk to us, and surprisingly she knows Gintama and she can recognise me as shiroyasha Gin. ZOMG!! *happy*
(despite I had scarf and the ear thing with me to keep me warm. LOL!)

The people there all dressed up like edo era peeps which made me feel ‘normal’.
So finally after the ramen, we went out to take pics again.
However, it was just about 15mins before we ran to a sake store to rest again. (this shows how deathly the temperature is. Lol~)

So we had sake and mochi to warm ourselves. Epic 7th failed moment. Hahahaha!!!

And I caught a cold. I couldn’t control my mucus from flowing out so I did this.
MAJOR UNGLAMNESS. but whatever, I supposed this is what Gin-chan will do. :X

And finally photos are done, I changed out and we headed back to Asakusa.
More nice pics to share~ Me and dear camped there for a while to view the snow before we head to the train station~

The interesting thing is during winter, it gets dark in Japan when it reaches about 5pm. So it looks as if it is 9pm in SG when it is actually 5.30pm in Japan.
Omoshiru ne? Hurrr~
So reached Ikebukuro, we planned to go back to put our stuffs first then head to Animate.
However it was kinda late and both of us are too tired. So we decided to go the next day and rest early.

We went to Mac for dinner first. YA I KNOW WTF. but I have a ‘Must-try’ burger there, MCPORK. LOL!
And it turned out to fucking nice. Wanted to dabao back to SG but cant. Damn. I hate Macs in SG suddenly. :x
So we headed back to hotel to bathe and before sleeping, I suggested to go to the hotel lobby for some wireless.

we decided not to change and head down with our pyjamas. Hahaha!!
So went there and crapped on FB then called mum. I also did a stupid intro video for the hotel for my family to see. Omg interesting.

8th failed moment, I saw this sign saying that we are not suppose to go to the lobby with our pyjamas and slippers…after we got back to the room. LOL~

Day 1, how we chiong to check in and how I felt when we arrived! 8D
Day 2, how I had my bad hair day and squeezing our way to Sensoji while eating non-stop. LOL~
Day 3, how under-dressed we were at the -4deg EdoMura and jumping to food stalls to warm ourselves up after 15mins of shooting.
Day 4, how we missed breakfast and how I went crazy at Animate becos of Gintama.
Day 5, how we washed our hands with freezing cold water during winter and shop till money not enough. :x
Day 6, how I fell in love with Nasi Goreng and wished that Singapore treats Valentine Day as important as Christmas. HAHA!
Day 7, how PINK kitty can be and how addictive kacha machines can be.
Day 8, how onsen makes someone high besides getting to see lots of -beep-.
Day 9, how we carry pregnant luggage down the stairs and traveled longer than going from one end to another end in SG.


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