Japan trip (1)

The shuper awesome day that I have been waiting for.
Yes finally, Im flying over to Japan!!! 8DDDD
This is so exciting omg. >v<
so I shall have my daily experience shared when possible!
(yes this is written when Im on the plane. Hur!)

The day before the flight
Stay at work till 8.45pm. T_T
Went home for dinner and only reached dear's house at 11.45pm. Haha!
So rot around before we finally sleep. Also realised my biggest mistake of the day, I FORGOT TO BRING MY MAKE UP!!!!
Yea I left them in my office bag and forgot to transfer it over.


So dear lent me her extra foundation while lucky I had extra eyeliner and stuffs from my cosplay makeup pouch. (yea these make ups are different from what I use normally. So I pack them separately in my luggage)

Anyway thanks to dear for the itinerary~<333

So woke up at 5am. (omg NBCB alien time)
Kinda dragged so we only reached air port at 7am. (flight is 8.20am) lol!
Checked in luggage and went to have breakfast with fon and uncle vin. Hur love them so much for coming~<3
Dear's bro Rodney came over as well. Hehe.

We were having so much fun laughing at how uncle will have an amazing death (yea inside joke) and forgot that we were late for check in. =_=
so dear and me ran over while the rest sent us off. (i think we were the last to check in as the staff came to look for us. 2nd failed moment. :x)

In the plane!!! Took piccys.
And Im so excited when the plane took off. I acted like a retard but I dun fucking care anymore. Nothing beats this feeling, especially when it is my first time. =3=

beautiful sky~<3

Breakfast. Both of us forgot we will have breakfast in the plane so we ended up couldnt finish it. 3rd failed moment. >___>

Finally we arrived in JAPAN!!!! 8DDD
Yes omg dream come true. But there goes the scary moment.
And dear needs time to figure out how do we get to our hotel at Ikebukuro. Cos it has been some time since she last went to Jap. So yep. And fail moment no 4, NABEI NO SERVICE IN MY PHONE!!! FUCK U SINGTEL!!!
Totally have no idea why is this happening when I have already activated the ‘Pay as you Roam’ service. I swear i will complain when I get back to SG. <– standard SG aunty behaviour.

We took 2hrs train ride. Tiring. Butt hurts ne. But it is interesting as I had my first experience of ‘eating-in-train’. LOL!

It is just like taking MRT in SG but the seats here gives off heat since it is winter. Hahaha!! So the best thing is here, u go to the train for heat instead of air-con. Lolol~ anyway the interchange is scary. Many many people and I glued to dear so I dun get lost.

After a long battle with the temperature, place and people, we finally arrived at our hotel! Murhurhur!
Nice and cosy~ *v*

we also bought dinner from convenient store as we were rather tired and lazy~

Then we packed, bathe and prepared for the next day’s journey. And finally it is time to sleep. So there goes Day 1! -3-

Day 1, how we chiong to check in and how I felt when we arrived! 8D
Day 2, how I had my bad hair day and squeezing our way to Sensoji while eating non-stop. LOL~
Day 3, how under-dressed we were at the -4deg EdoMura and jumping to food stalls to warm ourselves up after 15mins of shooting.
Day 4, how we missed breakfast and how I went crazy at Animate becos of Gintama.
Day 5, how we washed our hands with freezing cold water during winter and shop till money not enough. :x
Day 6, how I fell in love with Nasi Goreng and wished that Singapore treats Valentine Day as important as Christmas. HAHA!
Day 7, how PINK kitty can be and how addictive kacha machines can be.
Day 8, how onsen makes someone high besides getting to see lots of -beep-.
Day 9, how we carry pregnant luggage down the stairs and traveled longer than going from one end to another end in SG.


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