Random GG-fication / FAIL conversation (1)

I thought this guy is just a random staff…

Me: “Hello A! Yes calling you regarding the XXX survey. I’m almost done with it. Did you receive my file?”

A: “Oh yes! I am looking at it now. So my name is inside too. Why didn’t you call me?”

Me: *checks file* “OH! Yes actually I’m still wondering whether I should call you. haha!”

A: “Yeah.. you should call me since it is not the same organisation.”

Me: “Right~ No la because I hate you so I don’t wanna call you. HAHA!”

A: “awww.” *laughs*

Me: “Ok so… you wanna answer now? Or since you already have the file, why don’t you just key the answers in yourself?” *laughs*

A: “Since you are going to update it, why don’t you help me?”

Me: “Yea of course.” *starts survey*

A: “Yep that’s all, do you think you can send me back the file next monday?”

Me: “No, cause I will be in Japan going crazy. HAHA!”

A: “oh wow! alright then, send me the file tomorrow instead. Thanks for your help!”

Me: “Sure! ok BYE~” *hangs up*

*while sending email…*

A <–his name
Chief Executive Officer of -beep- <–WTF????!?!?!!

*bangs head on table*

omg fail….
I have been joking with a CEO.


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