3 days to end of 2010~

So I guess my life is getting better.
But still as busy as usual. hur.
Anyway the year is ending.
I would say I DID fulfill some of my resolutions.
Which is to get a nice full time job. LOL~

Another one that has not been fulfilled will be going to jap.

ok my fault. bobian. LOL!
so ya, the year 2010 was a…uhm…okay one for me?
yeah. nothing special happened in my life.
Imma make 2011 year a really awesome one for myself.

One thing for sure is I’m going jap on Jan!
so that is definitely something to mark my FIRST SHUPER FARAWAY TRIP on my 2011 calendar. HAHA!

ok another thing is, Imma get a car license.
gonna go for lessons starting on Feb.
right no car yet. but that could be my resolution next next yr or something. LOL!

I don’t think I will be stopping cosplay next year so yeah, continue my craziness over it. hur hur!
what else…
can’t think of any currently.

but I would love to start saving for my korea trip.
hehehehe yeah, I look forward to all of these.
omg my life shall become an exciting one. muahahaha!


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