Yes I have no clue why I’m feeling like that suddenly.
but yea, I’m very excited.

I guess part of the reason is because the Taobao package has arrived!!!!
okay eventhough it is LATE, but it is on time and they made it!
totally no mood to work and feel like flying back home now.

Anyway, I still won’t be continuing the cosplay plan for tml as my beloved partner is not free.
without her/him, I don’t think it is right so postponed. LOL.
ok abit buay song becos I spend so much effort in this cosplay in the end cannot do.
but bo bian, wig arrived too late. OTL

So my plan has been change to one which is rather UNEXPECTED.
yes why? this plan I have been saying with the team since last year but we ALWAYS NEVER HAVE TIME TO COSPLAY TOGETHER.
We even created a thread on sgcafe, planned for long to shoot.
but it was kinda failed.
two of the main female leads went to solo their cos first.
while I, who wanna do the main guy, am the slowest and kept dragging this.

omg fail, all my fault actually. OTL
ok, it is actually a super easy cosplay.
I have the wig since last year. LOL!
I trimmed it and I also had the ‘prop’.
just nice, the uniform I ordered came today.
so I’m able to join the babes who initially planned among themselves to cos tgt.
thanks to them for accepting me so last minute-ly so I won’t be emo-ing somewhere tml.

yeah, my cosplay partners are not coming tml.
one is not free, another one missing.
I shall wander ard tml to catch my idol and the few others.
oh yeah, eventhough AFA was just last month,
I can feel the excitement AGAIN.

the usual camwhoring and fun.
omg hur hur please.
oh and sunday, I’m going down as a character with blue headphone. <–shld be obvious.
another easy cosplay BECOS I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME.
whatever, I still look forward to it. 8DDDD


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