Today is fail, seriously.

Yes why?
Went to shop for material to work on my costume and props.
Shits happened.

1. Forgot to take my ribbon after paying for it. Have to go back someday. Fuck.
2. Couldn’t find the right design for my shirt.
3. The closest design didn’t have my size.
4. Bought the wrong colour cloth. NBCB.
5. This is the most pek chek one, forgot to buy the creampuff I have been craving for at Bugis.

maybe I shouldn’t do my shopping today.
And seriously, I don’t fucking get it why everything came clashing together.
Fucked up.
Was I wrong to choose to go CF? T_T
Im only left with ONE WEEK to chiong costume and prop for 3 FUCKING EVENTS!!!!

I am wondering why do I give myself such a challenge.
Oh god what is this?!
Seriously what am I thinking????
Graaaahhhhh. Nvm, I shall do what I can.
At most I shall give up on one event.
I actually can forsee which event it will be.
But I shall try to stop it from happening. Hur hur.

It doesnt give you the right to say that.
Don’t assume everybody is in your ‘story’.
Learn where you are standing fucker, you better don’t make the wrong move.
Or you will be worse than dead.
Kiang tio ho, mai ge kiang.


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