GinxKagu Omake shoot~ Pics SPAM!

ok shuper slow for this post.
but whatever, here it goes!

Trying to photobomb gin-chan~

there, caught ya! 8D

Elizabeth wanna be part of this too. =w=

with my shuper shuai gin-chan~<3

I’m sure otose is behind this door. LOL!

kagura camwhore. dun faint here. HAHAHA!

so we left the restaurant and came to chinese garden for outdoor shoot~~~

“my pics not nice!!!” *stabs* <–Gin-san

“dun take my sukonbu!!!” *stabs* <–kagura

*insert title here*

ok end of shoot, on the way to dinner~ *v*

thanks to dear for the awesome lunch~<333 *kissh*

check out related dA features from the shoot!
Omakes will be updated soon! 8DDD


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