Are you ready?

For the long waited big cosplay event of the year, AFA 2010~

I can finally go high now becos 95% of my stuffs are done-d. MUAHAHA!

my scary progress…

not all things are here but I didn’t have time to take pics of everything.
so here are the ones I have for now.
oh yeah, shall reveal my chars here.
no point hiding it since my pics should be clear. LOL!

Day 1: Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice
Day 2: Sakata Gintoki from Gintama <–kyaaa~<3

many thanks to my bro and my mum.
without them, my boris stuffs will not be out at all.
now I just hope I don’t look too chui and fail with the fucking PINKY stuffs.
ok maybe it is just me who is chui and fail. OTL

Anyway, I’m so eggcited that I’m not in the mood to work.
but I have hell lotsa work to do becos my manager is going overseas the next week.

my itune library reset itself.
I didn’t know how to retrieve the old one back so I redo everything. FML.

2 FUCKING days left to AFA 2010.


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