GinxKagu again KYAAAA~<3

ok time to reveal what me and dearie did yesterday.

Yes we did GinxKagu!!!
but yeah, this time Dearie Reiko is Gintoki and I’m Kagura!! <–I'm chui though. HA!
We kinda switched our outfits to test out. (oso to have fun. hurr)
becos we are both bored of our life. T_T

Anyway it was shuper fun.
Fariz as our photographer and driver of the day!
Thanks to him for coming.
Special thanks to cubie and holydust for the place recommendation. *v*

That place is shuper nice~<333
food is good and the staffs are friendly.
owell, at least they didn’t freak out seeing the 2 weirdos entering. LOL!
I think Imma go there have more shoots. hurr~
Anyway we went over to Japanese Garden for a short shoot after the heavy lunch.
TMD I ate alot pls.
I know Kagura eats alot but why the fuck did I have to eat so much?!?!!
*stares at fats* omg die.

Owell, Forget it. LOL!
I wanna thank my dearie for being such a shuai Gintoki.
I’m in love.
She is so damn shuai pls. tsk tsk.
I spoilt the pics by being such a failed kagura. OTL
But I’m still shuper happy becos my Gin-chan is shuai. hurrr. <–pervert face.

Shall upload the pics soon once I have them.
and also a picture post for this awesome and fun shoot.
Meanwhile, preview:


15 days left to AFA 2010. <–I know I know I know. *faints*


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