I do this…

do you? -lol-

A super random fail drawing made using photoshop in about 15mins.
To show how lame I am when it comes to accepting friend requests.
I totally have no idea why there are people who like to send friend requests to people who ain’t their ‘friends’.
Worst, the person have no idea how the other person looked like.

I do not have many friend requests.
Be it msn or facebook or whatever-social-network-site-you-have-in-your-mind.
BUT, I received more stranger’s friend requests than from my real friends. =_=

It may be true that they are trying to make friends.
but I don’t see the need.
1st, you may not even meet up with this other person in your entire life.
2nd, all your crap you posted will be shared with this ‘friend’ when you don’t even know if he/she is human.
3rd, whats the point? please tell me.

Eventhough I still accept their request, I myself don’t add strangers. <–ok fine those popular stars doesn't count becos they are there for you to add. LOL!
I used to ignore all weird friend request.
but now, I accepted them becos I'm tired of it.
They just kept coming. <–only FB. the rest are strictly for friends.

so yeah, I'm just as bo liao afterall. ohohoho!

to be honest I have no idea what I blogged up there.
so uh, just treat it as spam and ignore. LOL!!!

Anyway I’m shuper happy that tomorrow is thursday!!
I’m on leave and gonna have a shoot with dearie Reiko~<3
I shuper look forward to it!

it has been so long since I have a shoot!
eventhough I will be a female char this time, I don’t mind becos she is one of my fav char in the series.
I just hope I don’t look too chui and spoil dear’s photos. LOL!!!

17 days left to AFA 2010.


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