I feel so happy to be able to use Photoshop today at work. hur~
I dunno why.
But I just felt really happy and glad.
Maybe it has been sometime since I used Photoshop.
Owell, the feeling’s great. OHOHOHOHO~ =3=

Recently it has been rather ‘hazy’ in Singapore. ZZzzz.
It is making alot of people feel sick and uncomfortable.
Not much of an impact to me, just that I feel sianned.
Not sure why but yeah, does haze makes people sleepy? =x

I have been nua-ing recently.
omg. what is going on with me?
it looks like everyone else are doing rather good.
I feel like I’m just wasting my life.
Easily feeling down and troubled.
Think too much and not doing anything.
oh fuck. I must come back to life. D:

22 days left to AFA 2010.


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