Stupid customers…

are stupid.

I gonna rant about stupid people I encounter via sgcafe on my sales thread.
*Note, gonna have lotsa vulgars here.*


I shall list out the NO-NOs of what people do to piss/irritate me regarding my sales thread:

1. Asking the same question as the FAQs on my thread / Not reading my Rules.
My views: THE FAQs / RULES ARE THERE FOR A FUCKING REASON ; for you to fucking read before asking stupid questions. Nuff said.

2. Giving me tons of taobao links (especially wigs) and ask me to help them choose.
My views: So you think I’m so free that I can slowly go through every single fucking one of them to choose for u? you might as well ask me to help you cosplay? WTF?! it is YOUR fucking things so just fucking decide it yourself. Yes I can give you opinion but not to this extend. Don’t be too much pls.

3. Not obeying my T&Cs.
My views: This is usually on the meeting up issue. There are basically two T&Cs. One is for my sales and the other for my TaoBao spree. I already stated NO MEET UP for payment of TB spree becos I have no time. If you really bo bian, yes I can meet but come to my convenience. I have a few nice customers willing to do it but why not you? Let me tell you, I don’t owe you anything. You may be a customer, but I don’t fucking care if you are so troublesome. Don’t ask me to fucking go all the way from east to west just for the payment. At most I don’t take your orders. Simple as that. Don’t agree? GTFO.

4. Not checking everything before confirming orders.
My views: I really wondered how do you buy things from the outside world. Do you finish up a bowl of shit and ask the seller what food is it? Seriously, please fucking clear your doubts before confirming your order.

5. Asking me TONS of stupid questions and decided not to buy because they said not enough money.
My views: I stated the price of the things. Please only ask me if you believe you have enough money to buy it. Not like ask 7854432343234567897874 questions then say, “I’m sorry I don’t want it anymore, don’t have enough money to buy.” I really make sure this is the last time I answer your enquiries.

6. Thinking my thread is a ask-whatever-you-wan thread.
My views: “Hi, I’m cosplaying this char. What do I need? Can you help?” *puts char link/pic* <–WTF IS THIS? A JOKE? NOT FUNNY PLEASE. GO FUCK YOURSELF.

See? feel pissed off as well?
Seriously, are the people dumb or what?
Testing my patience?


Ok on the other hand,
I have met some really nice customers over my last Taobao batches.
I’m thinking if I should set up a membership area for them. hur hur.
like can give gifts or discount.
but ok see how. Cos not enough budget. *cough*

I have just uploaded a group pic of my KHR TYL cosplay.
Realised that I only had my solo pics. =x

Everyone looked so awesome but I looked failed. OTL
but its ok, they cover my chui-ness. HAHAHAHA!

24 days left to AFA 2010.


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