Time to catch up…

for my long forgotten animes / mangas. LOLOL!

^I love this pic~
Why? First I love this artist.
Her fanarts on Naruto are perfect~<3
Please check out her awesome gallery~ *w*
Second, there are some of my fav chars in this picture. LOL!
try to spot them! 8DDD

and Yes like totally pls.
I haven been spamming my Animes for dunno how long.
My life have been boring.
All I do now is work and costuming. Tsk tsk.

I need my Anime-ing life back.

So here is my checklist:

1. Naruto. Anime and Manga
(Erm. I’m really not sure if I should start again or wait for it to complete after 20yrs. LOL!)

2. Bleach. Anime.
(Yes not the manga becos I don’t really understand especially during the fights. =x but I heard from my friend that it will be ending SOON. so lets pray.)

3. One Piece. Anime.
(Right, I never gave up on this one. Just waiting..and waiting..and waiting..*dies*)

4. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Anime.
(I know I know. I’m SLOW. >: I shall try my best to download this soon and chiong finish. LOL!)

5. Gintama. Anime and Manga.
(Anime meaning the Yorinuki Gin Tama-san parody episodes. hurr~ As for Manga. Yes, I think I should start it like, SOON. oh and I forgot, the movie too. Hope it will be out soon~ 8D)

6. Kuroshitsuji II. Anime.
(Yep, Anime is easy to spam but difficult to download. So will have to depend on how soon I finish downloading this. LOL!)

7. Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn. Anime.
(Someone will start screaming and whatsapp me to COMMAND me to watch this FIRST. LOL! But ok, since the anime ended, I will start watching this too. The best thing is I dun have to download this, becos Primo’s wife already has all of the episodes ready for me. OHOHOHO!)

8. D-Gray Man. Manga.
(Yes no kidding here. I’m actually tempted to read this. LOLOL! I have seen updates on this and I think I will read it. Hope it completes soon. I’m missing my Lavi-chan~<3)

9. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. Anime.
(Erm actually getting tired of this. The Shoujo context is too strong and getting boring. T_T So I may just give up on this one. Unless someone has downloaded all the episodes and I can just steal to spam. LOL!)

10. Claymore. Manga.
(Ohyeah, I almost forgot about this. HAHAHA!! Shall catch up with this soon. Helen pls don't die!!! D= )

Erm I guess thats about it for now. LOL!
Shall try to complete this list before more comes in. D:

Small updates:
– I love my mum, she helped me with the dying of 毛毛 instead of scolding me. And now my 毛毛 is in the very pwetty state. But nevertheless, I hate pink even more now. LOL!
– I still have about 30% of my AFA stuffs not completed. But ok, I think I CAN DO IT!!! ROAR!
– I need more money. OHSHIT. My spending have been OMG. must control sia. D:
– My kucos wig is still not here. GG-fication. FFFFFFF-
– Time to plan my Japan trip. hur~ 8DDD
– I'm thinking of having shoots REALLY SOON. *goes hunt for photog and cosers* =x

and yeah I shall say this again, there goes my weekend.

32 days left to AFA 2010.


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